Thursday, August 21, 2014

Unique Dedicated IP VPN Service

Dedicated IP VPN, static and stable, offers personalized security. You can obtain a dedicated IP address by using this type of VPN service. This type of service is very effective in protecting your system against online threat.

One of the most important advantage of having a Dedicated IP is that the IP will be used just by you. You don't just get a Static IP Address, each account has its very own Unique IP Address as well. No other VPN users would have this IP, allowing you to use this as your very own private and secure IP when entering into any pages.
Apart from having a unique IP address, it offers impregnable online security while surfing the Internet. All the ports are open to the Dedicated IP that you have been assigned. It screens out all unsafe data and allows only encrypted information to pass through the tunnel. This is especially useful when accessing banking, important pages or restricted websites. There is no risk of your IP being blocked or banned.
It’s convenient for you to get a service that provided from a given region but you have your server somewhere else. To assuage your home-sickness, expats can subscribe to an IP address of a country of which you want to access the streaming sites. All in all, dedicated IP VPN is perfect for open ports, getting a static dedicated IP, or in any situation where blocked ports are a issue.
Get an IP address that is reserved just for you and your activities!

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