Thursday, January 29, 2015

VPN Available in China

Due to the upgrade of China government’s Internet censorship, many VPN services are unavailable in China. The easiest way to bypass those internet restriction is to use a VPN that serves China.


The Internet censorship is always very strict in China. Recently, the Chinese government has attempted to ban the use of VPNs that its residents use to unblock the Great Firewall for a couple years. China enforces the firewall control with deep packet inspection to inspect and cracks down VPN connections. At least three popular VPN services have been affected and some others being invalid. Some China-based users feel it’s less successful in connecting.


It affects people who need to access Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and others services blocked in China. What’s more, some domestic and foreign companies in China can’t fully use the internet for basic business operations. Fortunately, FlyVPN is available in China. Most of its servers still work. 
FlyVPN provides many server options for users, more than 150 servers located in more than 30 countries. Choose one of the servers to change your IP, and get access to the blocked sites. If you want to change you IP again, you can disconnect your current connection and change to another IP, and your IP address will be changed. 
FlyVPN contains three VPN protocols, PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. L2TP is based on UDP protocol, which has strong bypass capability, and is the fast protocol for China currently. Strangely, the OpenVPN protocol becomes the least reliable protocol to use in China. Although slower than L2TP, PPTP is another suitable VPN protocol for Chinese users.
FlyVPN comes with VPN free trial, no restriction on bandwidth or traffic, so you can use these free accounts. While, it has time limitation on the free trial accounts. If you need the VPN frequently, you’d better buy VPN for long time connection and more functions.


  1. Flyvpn is not connected to Hong kong server, please help and can you please suggest me if these china vpns are any good?

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