Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Play H1Z1 Hours Earlier

H1Z1 will be released on January 15th, 2015. Although the game will be released the same day in North America, Europe and Australia, players in NewZealand are the earliest to play it. A NewZealand VPN allows you to unlock and play H1Z1 as early as players living in NewZealand.

H1Z1 is an upcoming survival MMO sandbox video game in developed by Sony Online Entertainment. Since first announcing the game in April, Sony Online Entertainment has been regularly sharing news about its development process. As of 9 December, 2014, it's been announced that H1Z1 will launch on Steam Early Access on 15 January 2015 in North America, Europe and Australia.
The NewZealand VPN servers help you to play the game early for your time-zone, you will gain access to the game at the same time NewZealand residents do. I think it as something that is worth of your time.

Get a NewZealand VPN
FlyVPN offers NewZealand server on the list of its free VPN servers. Login with account “vpnu” and its randomly changed password, and get the NewZealand server connection. But please noticed that you can only connect their free accounts three times a day, and each connection is limited to 20 minutes. So please make sure get everything done before using time up. If you don’t know how to use VPN, please refer to the VPN setup tutorials.

Download and unlock the game earlier
1. Connect to a NewZealand server, which makes your connection to appear to Steam like you are in the NewZealand, allowing you to unlock the game at the same time they do.
2. Start game preload process and let it download while VPN Connection is on.
3. If it is very slow, turn off the VPN connection after 5 minutes of download, then let your local network continue to download.
4. Connect to the VPN again when the download is about to end. The last part of download will use the VPN to continue.
This is the link of H1Z1:
After unlock, you can play H1Z1 hours earlier!

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