Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Watch Korea Drama on Pooq

Korean TV dramas have become widely popular in Asian countries, with different language subtitles. Pooq is one of the Korea online video sites, streaming video content including those of three largest national television networks, KBS, MBC, and SBS. However, its content is only available for Korea residents. The Korea VPN changes your IP to a Korea one, allowing you access Pooq.


About Korea dramas
The plots of Korea dramas are so appealing, good at making audience cry. There are always numerous stars in Korea, and keeps increasing. What’s more, they act so exaggerate. Most dramas are very innocent, ideal and romantic. There are numerous video sites stream Korea dramas of cause, like pooq. The home page of pooq is When you click one of it video, it’s unable to load the content if you are located out of Korea. 


Get a VPN to access pooq
VPN provides professional unblock geo-restriction service, with high speed access to users. It will mask your real IP with IP representing server you have connected. Except pooq, you can unblock more video sites and social media sites like Netflx, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter and numerous more with VPN service. There are many additional benefits you can enjoy with VPN. You can experience true online freedom like never before by using the VPN servers. Hide IP to get anonymous surf, change IP to unlock games or bypass your school, college, hotel or workplace network limitations. Don’t delay to get a VPN along with free VPN trial, and see how easy and useful this service can be.



FlyVPN provides unlimited bandwidth and traffic, allowing unrestricted streaming. It provides both dedicated Korea IP and shared Korea IP. There are about twenty Korea VPN servers in FlyVPN's network. For windows users, its easy-to-use software can be downloaded and installed in less than 5 minutes. For users who watch Korea dramas on iPad, you can read on FlyVPN’s tutorials to setup VPN. FlyVPN also provides free VPN to users, so you can test the service before making subscription. But it has some limits on the free accounts. If you use VPN frequently, you can buy VPN to get unlimited. 
Get a Korea VPN now!

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