Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Get Benefits of Free VPN in Thailand

Thailand, located in Southeast Asia, is one of the world famous tourist attractions. The diverse culture and appealing landscape make Thailand a incredibly popular resort. From historic temples to nature reserves, fanscinating beaches, quaint malls and trails and entertainment options, the country offers a wealth of choice for all tastes. Besides its culture, the local food are so wonderful as well. So it’s necessary to browse its hotels, resorts, customs and culture before traveling.

However, a number of limitations are circulating on the internet in Thailand. It’s no doubt that Thailand has one of the toughest online censorship in the world. You can connect a Thailand VPN to change your IP to Thailand IP. The Thailand VPN will unblock some local sites and contents, anonymous web browsing, hide and change IP. It’s convenient to visit their local websites, watch the Thai series and even get the Line stickers at Thailand shops.

For visitors, some social networks are also blocked in Thailand.When you enjoy exploring the beautiful destinations of Thailand, you would like to twitter to your friends or upload some beautiful photos on Facebook. But the Facebook and Twitter are blocked in Thailand. You will keen to obtain a VPN in Thailand. VPN can help a lot! You can also watch videos and TV series on Netflix by connecting to VPN servers. If you don’t have a VPN account, try free VPN options. Get free VPN Account and Password here: . The Thailand VPN server for free test is in account "vpnc".

FlyVPN offers free trial for users, 20 minutes each time and 3 times per day, so you can use these accounts one hour per day. For configuration problems, you can refer to their tutorial:

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