Friday, August 29, 2014

Get SIMS4 at a lower price by using Mexico VPN

As the fourth installment in the Sims series, SIMS 4 is a popular life simulation game. It will be released on September 2, 2014. 

Korea is the first to announce this game. If you want to play it earlier, just connect to Korea VPN server. The Korea VPN helps to boost your online gaming speed, reduce lags and latency meanwhile reduce game load time. Create new Sims with intelligence and emotion, whose every action is informed and affected by their interactions and emotional states. Experience all new intuitive and fun creative tools by using Korea VPN in high speed. 
The price of SIMS 4 is cheaper in Mexico than in other regions. So we can connect to a free Mexico VPN to change our IP. Visit, and purchase with Mexico IP can totally save $25. Free FlyVPN is highly recommended. Because it is no need to register, you can use the free trial account. 
1: Download FlyVPN Client from;
2. Install and run the client;
3. Obtain the username and password from
   Username: vpun/vpnc.
   Password: Get latest password
   If you don't know how to use FlyVPN client, click here.
4. Connect to the Mexico server and purchase SIMS 4.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Get a Korea VPN service for Korea TV series and games

Most of us have a fever on Korea TV series and games. While, Korea holds a tight grip on Internet access. There is so much of a restriction on the Internet in this region. The Korea VPN let you be able to surf Internet like every Korean citizen. 

It is indeed a strange phenomenon that a nation with high growth and industrial prowess chooses to curb internet freedom within their country. IP blocking is pretty rampant in Korea. Without a valid identification proof, it is next to impossible to browse their local web, most sites are blocked. No matter what type of firewall the country has in place, you can use a VPN service to bypass that restriction. No matter the dedicated Korea IP or shared IP VPN, the Korean based VPN won't let you down.
Even with the smaller bandwidth and slower access speeds, users can still bypass the firewall and surf online through a VPN. You can complete online game activation such are LOL, Keroro Fighter, FIFAOL3, Mystic Fighter or any other game by using Korea VPN services. Also you can watch TV series and listen broadcasts that are available only for Korean IP. This includes news services, social media sites, streaming videos and anything else you want to access. 
When it comes to bandwidth and internet speed, Korea beats some of the top countries in the world due to their elite internet capabilities. By connecting to a Korean based VPN, you can have access to everything that Korean residents do. Access Korea's gaming sites and download all the stuff you want!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to watch Youku or iQIYI outside Mainland China

Want to watch Youku videos outside China? I want to suggest a professional VPN in China - FlyVPN. You are able to watch videos on Youku, Tudou and PPStream by connecting FlyVPN servers at mainland China. 

As one of the most popular video websites in China, Youku is available for you to watch hundreds of TV series and films online free. But all those videos are only available for Mainland China. Similar sites like Tudou, PPStream and iQIYI provide free entertainments, TV shows, musics...etc. But are only accept China based IP addresses as well. I often use FlyVPN to open such links. It provides free trial for customers who need to test before purchasing. All the TV series are free and legal for you to watch via Chinese IP addresses. You can also have an unrestricted access to resources from China.
VPN hides your real Internet Protocol address, and transform it to the certain IP address you want. A VPN server substitutes your real IP with a Chinese IP address after you connect to a China VPN server, so that you can view online TV, sites or other subject normally restricted. So Chinese go abroad for study, business or tourism can't open some video sources of "sorry, this video is not avaible in your region due to copyright limitations", resort to FlyVPN servers. This company owns VPN servers located in many cities in China mainland, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang etc.

Since China implements strict internet censorship policies, it’s necessary to get a IP address to unblock such sites. FlyVPN is convenient to access Chinese websites, learn Chinese language and culture, and obtain information about the latest happenings inside China.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Advantage of Japan VPN

As we all know, the network monitoring in Japan is so strict. Thus a lot of resources can only be obtain with local IP address. Do you want to visit the sites of that region, and take advantage of these resources? Japan VPN, which is available to change IP address and unblock the limitation, is the best solution. This service will forward your traffic through a “tunnel”, making it look like you are totally located in Japan.

Japan VPN can be used to break the limiting of school dormitory network and some restrictions provide by companies. High-quality Japan VPN server has no limit to traffic. The download speed and upload speed should be fairly obvious. It allows you gaming and watch videos online smoothly. For example, if you want to play LOL, you can connect to a Japan VPN server. They are good at increasing the speed and ensuring the stability of the network to guarantee the game's speed and effectiveness. 

Although most users mean to playing games by using Japan VPN, it has more function. Japanese culture, cartoons and skin care are very fascinating. Japan VPN seeks the welfare of us for sure. You can watch the latest videos or programs on Gyao for free by using Japan VPN. Or a site sets limit of the IP for purchasing goods or services, just connect to the VPN of that IP address. For instance, you can shopping on Club Japan, which offers a variety of household items, cosmeceutical and Japanese cartoons. For those who want to travel in Japan, you can search on a native site like its-mo-Guide for Japanese maps, stores and some architecture introductions via connect to Janpan VPN server.  

Monday, August 25, 2014

PPTP VPN for Android 4

It’s inconvenient for the people to traveling, working or studying in Asia because of the stricter internet censorship. There is no doubt that VPN is the best solution to watch Hulu or Netflix on Android, and stay in touch with restricted sites. You can access to geographically restricted websites, even if you’re not in that region by using FlyVPN.  The FlyVPN, one of the VPN I have used, will allow you access to more websites. It offers the best anonymity and is impossible to block by your Internet Service Provider.
The Android platform has an outstanding built-in VPN connection tool that allows you to connect. Here is the guide of how to Setup personal PPTP VPN on your Android.

How to Configure
1. Open the Settings icon on the main screen.
2. Click the 'Wireless and Networks' area, tap VPN and Add VPN network.
3. You can choose one of the protocol you need. Here we Add PPTP VPN to create the VPN connection.
4. Input "Server Address" provided by FlyVPN. Log in and get FlyVPN server address
Check "PPP encryption (MPPE)" .
5. Tap Save.

How to Connect
1. Open the Settings application, and Click "FlyVPN" to connect. 
2. Enter your username and password. If you are using free trial VPN service. Please check this page to get free trial VPN account and password. 
3. Click "Connect".

Friday, August 22, 2014

Asia VPN - Best Tool for Unblocking

Social networks like Facebook, YouTube, etc, have become such important platforms to connect others. But if you’re in China and you want to enter Facebook that isn’t available in your country, all you have to do is pick a server in a country that access to it. For getting unblocked, many users resort to VPN.

You would be able to browse anonymously because you will be surfing with the IP address of the server not with your own. VPN changes your IP and provides you with your own ports to use. And thus provide your own ports for your entire network, in any region. Change your IP address and effectively tricking your computer into believing it’s somewhere else entirely by using Asian VPN. Using Asia VPN services you can access various online games. On this way you will avoid time zone waiting and enjoy your favorite game. Also you can watch Netflix online via a America based IP address. You will be assigned the IP automatically each time you login that certain VPN Server. It’s possible to activate your VPN in America if you like. Sometimes the connection between Asia and America or Europe is too slow, and the use of an Asia VPN server can give you additional speed. 
Internet has become part of our daily life. Meanwhile, internet is also a cause of concern for countless spammers and prowling hackers. Surely, one priority of Asian VPN is to provide users a network that is safe and reliable. VPN service has made everything convenient, whether do online shopping or banking. It’s convenient to access your private online banking, easy to download with high speed. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Unique Dedicated IP VPN Service

Dedicated IP VPN, static and stable, offers personalized security. You can obtain a dedicated IP address by using this type of VPN service. This type of service is very effective in protecting your system against online threat.

One of the most important advantage of having a Dedicated IP is that the IP will be used just by you. You don't just get a Static IP Address, each account has its very own Unique IP Address as well. No other VPN users would have this IP, allowing you to use this as your very own private and secure IP when entering into any pages.
Apart from having a unique IP address, it offers impregnable online security while surfing the Internet. All the ports are open to the Dedicated IP that you have been assigned. It screens out all unsafe data and allows only encrypted information to pass through the tunnel. This is especially useful when accessing banking, important pages or restricted websites. There is no risk of your IP being blocked or banned.
It’s convenient for you to get a service that provided from a given region but you have your server somewhere else. To assuage your home-sickness, expats can subscribe to an IP address of a country of which you want to access the streaming sites. All in all, dedicated IP VPN is perfect for open ports, getting a static dedicated IP, or in any situation where blocked ports are a issue.
Get an IP address that is reserved just for you and your activities!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Setting up VPN on iPhone

FlyVPN offers fast and stable service for your iPhone. Make privacy, security and freedom easy on your iPhone via VPN service.
The fees on data bandwidth continue to increase recently, however, our VPN service for iPhone helps insulate you from the high costs of data charges. This savings can be particularly important when you watch videos. FlyVPN for iPhone can access to European, American, Asian and other area of websites from remote locations. They make you bypass location-based IP blocking. Beside, our virtual private network protects you against online security threats by creating a encrypted tunnel.
Here is the tutorial for setting up VPN on iPhone. Follow these steps to connect your iPhone to the FlyVPN, which allow you to access site and resources off home or office.

Step 1: To get start click on the "Safari" icon.

Step 2: Input "" in the brower.

Step 3: Input your account and password, then login.

Step 4: Click "VPN Servers" or "Free Trial".

Step 5: Click "Batch Mode".

Step 6: Pick some VPN servers you want to add.

Step 7: Click "Setup all Selected".

Step 8: Click "Install" and then "Install Now" button.

Step 9: Enter your iPhone passcode.

Step 10: Click "Done" button.

Step 11: Check the VPN server you want to connet.

Step 12: Swift VPN status to "On".

Step 13: You are now connected to Flyvpn.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why You Need to Start Using a Personal VPN

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network is an effective online privacy solution. It become increasingly important of late as we more often access data from remote locations. VPN is particularly useful for connecting multiple networks together securely.

VPN helps access resources on the internet you're not physically on the same local area network. If you want to use a favored web service or application but for some reason is limited to a specific region, you can resort to VPN. It get you listen to location-restricted streaming internet radios and watch your favorite shows in another country as they air.
A personal VPN can change your IP address or hide your IP address for total anonymity. There is a lot of information a person or company can learn about you just through your IP address. Since you use a VPN to connect to the internet, the websites you visit can only see the address of the VPN proxy server that you are connected to instead of seeing your true IP address.
Besides, VPN is a way to guarantee the security when you're using an untrusted public network. VPN makes all Internet use totally secure and private. Whether you handle sensitive data or communicate with others, it helps a lot. It secures the internet connection of your computer to ensure that all of the information you're sending and receiving is encrypted. It protects your information from being hacked. VPN is the only way to stay safe when you are downloading something with a false sense of security.
It helps you work or stay connected when you're outside or traveling. Wi-Fi Hotspots, whether free or paid, are horrifically insecure. By using VPN, you could connect to internet whenever and wherever possible and all others would be able to capture is what they will never be able to crack.
At some point in the future you may consider it as important as your internet connection. Even if you don't think so now, you really should be using the VPN service. The VPN service allows you to privately browse from home, work, or school computers or mobile devices.