Monday, February 23, 2015

100 Reasons to Subscribe a VPN

There are thousands of reasons why the VPN service will benefit you. Although the topic of this article is ‘100 Reasons to Subscribe a VPN’, it is sure that there will be more than 100 reasons to use VPN.


Hide your real IP
Keep you protected from malicious websites.
Make your online activities unable to trace back.

Change your IP
Be able to enjoy the full freedom of the Internet.
Bypass regulations and blocks. 

Bypass Internet restrictions
Using a VPN to get a tunnel out from that network, allowing access to those sites blocked by schools, hotels and companies.
Through connecting to a VPN server outside your nation you will bypass such internet censorships.
Secure your information on Internet
Protect your online data, privacy information and encrypt all your online activities.
VPN protocols like PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN are used by VPN providers.
Encrypt your online phone calls such as Skype.

Reduce latency
Connect to a nearby VPN server to get fast speed.

No bandwidth and traffic limits
Most VPNs have no limitation on bandwidth or traffic.

Unblock & unlock games
Get the games that only released in several regions.
Play the games early.

Unblock geo-restricted contents
Be access to geo-restricted video content.
Enjoy online music of streaming of other nations.
Get a USA VPN to enjoy CBS, NBC, Redbox.
Get a France VPN to enjoy France 2, TF1, M6.
Get a Germany IP to enjoy RTL and ZDF.
Get a UK IP to unblock Sky, Channel 4, 4E, 4Seven, More4.
Get a Finland IP to unblock channels MTV3, Sub and AVA.
Get a Spain IP to unblock RTVE and
Get a Switzerland IP to unblock RTS, SRG SSR and SRF.
The reasons keep increasing…
Maybe your primary purpose of getting hold of a VPN is one of these reasons. But you will find more function of the VPN subscription when you using it. Find out all the stuff your current VPN subscription can do for you and make sure to use it to the max!

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