Monday, February 16, 2015

Play Halo: Spartan Strike Early

Halo: Spartan Strike will be released in no more than 10 days! Although it is going to be released the same day, on 24th February, in North America, Europe and Australia, many players can’t wait to get it earlier by making a trick to catch up. Use a New Zealand VPN to play Halo: Spartan Strike as early as New Zealanders do.




Halo: Spartan Strike is an upcoming twin-stick shooter video game set in the science fiction Halo universe. During gameplay, players assume the role of human super soldiers known as Spartans in a series of war games simulating fictional historical events. Players are able to use all-new weapons, such as the Suppressor, Scatter Shot, Incineration Cannon, and Binary Rifle, as well as new armor abilities, such as the Bubble Shield, Airstrike, Proximity Mine, Teleport, and Shock Chain in the battlefield.
The game will be released in the same certain day, however, New Zealand is one of the countries in the world entering new day earliest. So Halo: Spartan Strike will be released earlier in New Zealand than most regions. The VPN service can change your IP address to a New Zealand one, making Steam believing you are located in New Zealand.
I think you are familiar with FlyVPN if you have unlocked other gamers earlier with VPN. It provides free New Zealand VPN servers. You can use these free accounts 3 times per day, last about 20 minutes each time. That’s enough time to download and play the game early.
Read on the steps of unblocking Halo: Spartan Strike early:
1. Connect to a New Zealand VPN.
2. Start game download process and let it download about 5 minutes while VPN Connection is on!
3. Close VPN Connection, let your local network continues to download. It’s for fast download speed. Several minutes of stop may occur at the beginning.
4. Connect to the VPN again at the end of download, appear as if you are in New Zealand.
5. Download finished!

Play early
1. Connect to New Zealand VPN server.
2. Start the game and let it go all way into main menu when VPN connection is on. 
3. Close the game and VPN connection, but do not close the game site.
4. Halo: Spartan Strike has been unlocked earlier!

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