Friday, February 20, 2015

Enjoy DasErste from Outside Germany

Due to the geographical block, not all DasErste’s programs are available over Europe. If you have a business trip, travel or study outside Europe, you may sad because its contents are blocked. The VPN service can change your IP, enabling you to watch Das Erste in anywhere.


Das Erste, or Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen, is the principal publicly owned television channel in Germany. It is a joint production of Germany’s regional public broadcasters acting through, and coordinated by, the ARD consortium. Like most TV channels, Das Erste has geographic block on its online broadcasts. This is so that copyright laws are to be intact and kept. Often that means you as a German will not be able to watch your favorite TV series from abroad, because you do not have a German IP address.
You will need to connect to a German VPN server which will make it possible to watch all excellent content to fix this problem. VPN creates a tunnel between your computer and a server in German. After connecting to the German server, your IP has been changed, to DasErste and all other websites it will seem as if you watch the programs from Germany, even though you are in Malaysia. Through connecting to a VPN server you will bypass such blocks and regulations, and once again you will be able to enjoy the full freedom of the Internet.
To watch Das Erste from outside Germany, a very good VPN provider is FlyVPN. They have several servers in Germany, with both Static IP and Dynamic IP. They have good speeds and it is extremely easy to use, taking maximum five minutes. If you don’t have a VPN subscription already, head over to FlyVPN and sign up for the service to get full use of their advantages. Free test is allowed by taking their free accounts from

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