Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Watch Sky from Outside UK

You might have problems to watch Sky, because it is often required that you have a UK IP to watch. The geo block on the programs is so annoying, especially when you have already paid a lot to be able to watch Sky. The best way to get a UK IP is to get a UK VPN.


Sky, British Sky Broadcasting, is a British telecommunications company which serves the United Kingdom. It provides television and broadband internet services and fixed line telephone services to consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom. Sky does not have license to show live stream outside Britain and Ireland. If you want to watch Sky, you need a UK IP. You can easily get such an IP address using a VPN service
VPN sends your Internet traffic to a new server to spoof your location. This way the Sky traffic go through UK servers would assume your IP is a UK one. Once you connect to a UK VPN server ready, you can unblock Sky’s video contents again and watch all its channels available online with their live stream. All Britain websites, including http://www.sky.com/, will believe that you are located in UK, which means that you can watch all online content with that UK IP. 
There are several UK VPN servers in FlyVPN. Connect to the random server in UK and you are able to watch Sky within seconds. You can have a free VPN trial of FlyVPN’s UK servers before making subscription. What’s more, FlyVPN provides 30 day money back guarantee, so no risk buying their service.

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