Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Grand Sphere - New mobile RPG

The developers of Bravely series have announced another mobile game - Grand Sphere: The Queen of Destiny and the Dragon Knight for Android and iOS. Fans of mobile JRPGs definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity to check out the debut trailer. Although the game is a Japanese game, a Japan VPN is a solution to unlock it. This solution may be useful for players live outside of Japan.


Grand Sphere is a gigantic air-tight energy field that surrounds the target area by placing small spherical terminals called Optical Photon Generators (OPG) around the perimeter. It is a simple tap battle game heavily focused on it’s story line. Not only will the game be fully voice-overed, there will be many other exciting features such as PVP, 4 player Co-op, and even a live-time chat system for players to discuss tactics. There's also a bounty hunt system that will challenge players of their tactical and coop skills. Though the game is a mobile title, it is said to have more of a focus on story like a traditional console RPG, and boss battles will play heavily into that story. 
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