Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to get Heroes Saga Closed Beta

Heroes Saga, a new Free-to-Play mobile card game enters Closed Beta for Android devices in Southeast Asia. Although limited just to Southeast Asia players, you can use an Asia VPN to get this game from anywhere. This article is about how to get access to Heroes Saga from outside of Southeast Asia.




Heroes Saga, with characters from superhero comics and Japanese manga, is published by EAGAMEBOX. A card game with real-time strategy gameplay and RPG elements. The collectible characters are designed based on famous comics and animation heroes. Players will be tasked to lead a star-studded team to save the universe from total destruction from an unknown evil. Several Closed Beta events are now ongoing with fabulous rewards! Get 1000 diamonds reward for free until the end of CBT and many interesting events waiting for you!
Now, to the guide. First, you need to get a Asia VPN. Based on personal experience my conclusion is FlyVPN. It is the ideal service and tool for those who want an Asian IP address. It contains servers in different Asian countries. What's more, it offers free VPN accounts. Below is the steps of configure a PPTP VPN on Android:
Step 1 - Click "Settings" - "More..." - "VPN" - "+".
Step 2 - Fill in the information required in the pop up windows. Get "Server Address" from . You can find different Asia servers at the list. 
Step 3 - Tick "PPP encryption (MPPE)", and click "save".
Step 4 - Click "FlyVPN" to connect. 
Step 5 - Input FlyVPN "Username" and "Password". If you don't have a premium account, you can use their free accounts:
Step 6 - Click "Connect".
After connecting to an Asian server, your IP has been changed. Now you can bypass area restrictions of Heroes Saga and have access to it.
Android download link of Heroes Saga(cbt):

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