Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Be Aware of App Permissions Threat

With the increasing use of mobile devices for social communication, online shopping and other activities, Apps becomes common. The App permissions we agreed may threaten our data security. A VPN service can protect your privacy and fend off malicious attacks.


Most mobile users are authorizing the app to undertake what it demands. Before you download and install an app, you will be shown a list of permissions the application is requesting. Read them. 
When an app requires permission to access any features on your device do remember that these permissions are unbound and the device will never ask you if the camera is being used maliciously or an app is posting to your friends social feeds. 
Remember Uber? Uber’s app took sensitive personal information from each and every one of their users, while this was dangerous their entire organization had exclusive access to all user data.
Therefore, in order to protect the data, you need to establish a connection to a VPN server. FlyVPN has more than 160 servers in over 30 countries. All users take advantage of unlimited server switches, and also an unlimited traffic, you may transfer as much data as you like. What’s more, it provides free VPN accounts. It’s useful for emergency use. 

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