Saturday, May 30, 2015

How to watch French Channels from abroad

You are a French citizen, you travel or work outside of France and you wish to watch French live TV, full episodes and on-demand television online? But most French channels do not have the rights for international distribution. That's why access to these sites are blocked from abroad. But a France VPN allows French TV channels not only available for Internet users residing in France. 
It is not possible with your normal internet connection which gives away your foreign IP. To make websites believe that you are located in France you will need to make it look like your computer is in France, and this can be done by connecting your computer to a server in France. The result is therefore that all content earlier blocked will turn open, and then you will be able to watch these video contents online easily. 


There are lots of popular French channels like TF1, M6, W9, HD TV and XFactor. Various newscasts are free as 20h TF1, France 2, France 3 and some air programs Canal + and France 5. You can also watch some free channels: Public Senat, France24, D8, BMFTV and iTélé.
Pluzz allows you to watch French public TV channels online directly or a few hours after their broadcast. It's also a good French TV for kid, which is a great start if you are a beginner in French and don't understand more serious topics.
Topics in this private French TV channel are very large and you can easily find something corresponding to your level and taste.
M6 Replay
Similar to TF1, this TV channel offers a lot of different programs. They are unfortunately not visible from outside of France without a VPN either.
This a TV channel specifically created for people living outside of France. It gives news about France and the world and you can access it from every country.
This TV channel offers programs both in French and in German. 
On Euronews, you can watch programs about news, culture, technology and many other interesting topics.
TV5 Canada
If you are interested in Québec French, this is the right TV channel for you. You can not watch videos outside of Canada without a VPN though.

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