Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Access QQ Music with China VPN

QQ Music is not available for IP addresses from abroad. I have heard many complaints that chinese students in America are unable to use QQ Music. That is such a pity, because many chinese people are used to QQ Music, which is always the first choice to download music, to listen to music, to look up music. QQ Music is renowned for its vast number of songs it had contained, and more important, for it's free to download or listen to music.

For most of the music in QQ Music is pirate, and for the fear of copyright sue, QQ Music has to block all the IP addresses that are detected as abroad. And if you listen to those music in America, you have to pay for all those music in iTunes, which is the normalest scene in America but is unacceptable for chinese people, because we never put much emphasis on royality. In this case an excellent proxy is required to access QQ Music.

FlyVPN would satisfy anyone's needs. If you want to unblock the video websites in China such as YouKu and Tudou, and music websites like QQ Music, please connect to China's VPN server. If you want to play games in Japan or Korea, we have VPN servers in these two countries. Ping can also be expected to be decreased with suitable VPN servers.

Attention: actually, if you just want to listen to or download the music, you could use our free trial of VPN, which would last 20mins, and which is enough for download.

And for anyone who is not chinese but who is interested in chinese music, QQ Music would be your best music player. Because it had not paid for royality, most of songs are free for download. Can not imagine such a thing in America! Would anyone have a try?

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