Thursday, May 15, 2014

Access Youtube,game websites in Islamic countries

People in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,The United Arab Emirates had consulted me whether they could connect to those popular sites in the globe with our VPN.Because of the strict censorship in some Islamic countries,young people in those countries are isolated by the outside world,they can not play games like most of the young people in other countries,nor could they touch anything from Western world that their government think might have subversive contents.

After the connection to VPN,they could see videos on  forbidden websites like Youtube,Hulu,BBC,Fox,play video games in Korea, Japan, Singapore, USA, HongKong...wouldn't that be nice for lonely young people in Islamic countries?It can help you do this because we have servers in 36 countries,130+ servers,including free USA servers,free Korea,free Japan servers.

Besides,the FlyVPN can be trusted in its secrecy.Users can surf the Internet anonymously without their privacy leaked.In Islamic countries,anyone who violates the rule to connect to the forbidden contents might face arrest or be put into prison.With FlyVPN,however,the policeman could not find the users for the IP address would display as the address we provided,no need to worry about the censorship.

Furthermore,we provide three protocols that would no doubt help users unblock the websites.Some users can not open certain websites and asked for my help,i told him to try the most strong unblocking protocol we have,he finally managed to access the website he wanted to play games.

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