Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Free China mainland VPN

I have noticed that many people in Taiwan or Hong Kong wanted to connect to China mainland's servers to unblock Youku and Tudou or films or to do their business.Although we all say chinese,the files on Internet can not be shared.In this case,you should use the China VPN to connect to China mainland.

But to choose a right VPN is not that simple,and there are lagrge number of servers online,whether paid VPN or free,we have lots of choices,to choose the one with good quality and reputation is rather tricky.

Here i will make a recommendation about how to obtain free VPN servers in mainland China.FlyVPN has 27 servers in mainland China in total,and in the Shared IP VPN,a plan which contained not only China mainland IP address,there are other servers also.For exemple,free USA VPN,(not free)VPNs in India,free Korea VPN.

Customer buy China mainland VPN generally for two purposes: the first one is to watch TV series,the other is to do the necessary business work.For those who want to watch videos,please do not choose these three:SH BGP 02,SH BGP 04,SH BGP 05.For those who want to do business,they must emphasize on reliablity,security,and stability,which i can ensure you that FlyVPN can change and hide IP address, surf the web anonymously, protect privacy,and would undoubtedly become your faithful assistant in the realm of business.

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