Monday, May 26, 2014

To reduce ping effectively

Any gamer who configured a VPN would like to see their ping reduced obviously.But the facts are stark as usual. Their VPN sometimes does not have the effects to reduce the ping, with a VPN is the same as without a VPN. That is really sad for they had paid for VPN service and it could be understood that they would expect far better user experience.

I had personally encountered many gamers who are disappointed with the actual effects VPN have but who had  no other choice. Changing into another VPN line would be difficult, for most gamers would have to resort to support service of his VPN service to change into another line, and furthermore, the oppotunity of changing is usually scrace, and with the new line, the ping problem sometimes could  not be improved. Actually, there are other choices. I mean in FlyVPN.

We have two functions that are targeted at solving the problem of high game ping. The first one is to use the custom routes functions. After you had input certain IP addresses, this function would accelerate certain web pages with similar IP addresses.  For example, the server IP address is You can input either or into route table. means any address in the range should be sent to the VPN gateway. means the IPs begin with 173.194.XX.XX will surf via VPN. No need to worry about game's high ping.

Besides,we also have meticulous user-friendly tutorial of custom routes about this function. Please visit our website if you had any problem in using custom routing.

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