Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Configure VPN on Xiaomi Box(smart TV)

Many customers are rather confused when they want to configure VPN Xiaomi Box.Should it be configured on routers?I can not configure it on smart TV directly...Today i would tell you how to solve some problems about the configuration VPN on Xiaomi Box.

1.Download the Rabbit Video on your Xiaomi Box.
To configure VPN on your Xiaomi Box,you should first download the Cooliris Android,or 360 Cellphone Assistant,or Tecent Cellphone Butler to your computer,anyone of the three is OK.Connect your Xiaomi Box to your computer.(Your Xiaomi Box should be plugged in during the process)After the Cooliris Android,or 360 Cellphone Assistant,or Tecent Cellphone Butler had detected your Xiaomi Box,it is the time to install the Rabbit Video.Besides,there are other third party programs that are suitable for Xiaomi Box:TaiJie Video TV.

Install the Rabbit Video on Xiaomi Box
Install the Rabbit Video on Xiaomi Box

2.Refer to the instructions about how to configure VPN on Android.(Because Xiaomi Box adopted the Android system,thus please refer to How to use a free VPN on Android?.)

I have noticed that a large amount of customers,especially those in Taiwan, bought Xiaomi Box to watch the videos from mainland China.Some have complained to me that the speed is too slow,and they asked whether i could recommend certain server that would perform better,i would tell them Relay to China 01( HongKong Relay To Shanghai Telecom 01) might help them.And if they would like to watch videos from mainland China,please do not choose SH BGP 02,SH BGP 04, SH BGP 05.

If you are concerned with the effects,we could provide you with free trial of FlyVPN.Besides,even though you had bought FlyVPN and really want to get rid of it for its bad performance,we guarantee 30 days money back,you can get your refund anytime you like.
The latest promotion of FlyVPN
The latest promotion of FlyVPN

In the end,a great great surprise is upcoming!All plans are included in this promotion.The latest promotion for National laboring day is coming.Buy 6 months get 2 months free and buy 1 year get 5 months free on all offered packages. The promotion is valid from April 29th, 2014 till May 7th, 2014.
The details of FlyVPN May Day Event.


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