Monday, April 21, 2014

Setup of FlyVPN on Android in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most populated countries in the world.We can be sure that there must be huge amounts of smart phone users using Android system.But because of barriers of many websites against alien IP addresses,people in Indonesia could only have heard the names of those popular games or websites but can not gain access to them on their smartphone with Android system.What a pity!

Nonetheless,i would like to provide you a method to get into the websites and games which have intrigued you for a long time.

The method is FlyVPN.To visit websites that have restrictions you must be equipped with FlyVPN.After using FlyVPN,the videos on Youtube,Hulu,BBC,and the games in Korea,Japan,America can all be available in Indonesia.The principle of FlyVPN  is that it could hide your IP address,and disguised itself as IP addresses from other countries.For exemple,if you link Chinese server,you can surf the Chinese web like Chinese people.

When you configure the FlyVPN on your Android,first of all,you should register an account for your own on our website.
Register your own account for FlyVPN

Secondly,click vpn server list to obtain the IP addresses of our vpn servers.
IP addresses in VPN server list

Thirdly,do as the tutorial of FlyVPN on Android told you.

If you are concerned with effects,you can have the free trial of FlyVPN.Do the following steps to trial FlyVPN on your Android system.
1.Acquire your trial username and password on trial of FlyVPN.
2.Register your own account on FlyVPN website.And login with your own account on FlyVPN login page to get the IP addresses of FlyVPN servers.(Attention:Do not login with your trial username and password on login page.Or you will see the error message:Invalid account name or password)
Log in with your own account to get FlyVPN servers's IP addresses

3.When configuring FlyVPN on your Android system, please put in the trial username and password.(If you put in the user name and password of your own registered account,there will be error messages:the account is expired.)
4.Do as the tutorial of configuration of FlyVPN on Android told you.


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