Wednesday, April 16, 2014

FlyVPN unblock Youku,Tudou in China Mainland

Wanna know what had happened in China Mainland?
Wanna see the latest gongfu film in China?

Wanna appreciate the exquisite TV series of antique costumes in chinese court?
Are Tudou,Youku,Souhu your longings when you are abroad,especially in Taiwan,where apparrently everyone speak Chinese,wheras you can not watch the video in mainland China legally?
However eager you are,when in Taiwan,you are expected to see the warning on the page of the website:Only for the audience in China mainland,or exclusive to the mainland spectators.Frustrated and furious,you are made sure that a VPN of excellent quality among the sea of all VPNs would be needed to unlock the video websites in China  Mainland.That is the FlyVPN.

Many video websites in China  Mainland only accept IP addresses belonging to China  Mainland.  Tudou and Youku are the two giants providing the entertaining programes,like the widely-welcomed Happy Camp,the most pervasive TV series,like the series on anti-Japanese war or spy war between communist party and nationalist party,which,as had been reckoned,would never be introduced to Taiwan  for the political sensitiveness,however grasping they appeared,and finally,the political editorials,which can be used to widen your eyes,not at the mercy of ruling government.I can promise you that the critics from other countries towards your country would be beyond imagination.

FlyVPN can help you change your Taiwan IP addresses into IPs in China Mainland to unlock the video websites of mainland China.In mainland China,where the websites are censored,you could visit the websites without getting the notice of government,because with Flyvpn,you are visiting with IP from  Mainland,anonymously,without your privacy leaked.

In Shared IP VPN,we have 23 servers in  China  Mainland,from which you could choose anyone to unblock the restritions that Youku,Tudou,or Souhu has.We have three protocols to unlock the video websites in  China  Mainland:
1.PPTP:Suitable for the the websites that have little restrictions.
2.L2TP:Suitable for the websites that have medium or high restrictions
3.OpenVPN:Suitable for the websites that have the highest restrictions.
If now you are sort of entranced by the prospect,but still concerned with actual effects,you are welcome to this step:trial of FlyVPN.
After the trial,you can decide on your own whether to order one.30 days gurrantee for money back.
Download for FlyVPN.
As to the setup of FlyVPN,you can be sure that it would impress you with simplicity and utility.

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