Friday, April 18, 2014

Unlock Youtube in Pakistan

Suffered from political unrest and the shadow of war,you people in   Pakistan  are craving for something new,something funny and consoling,not about the sectarian conflicts,but something that makes you laugh and cry,start and get excited.
Youtube is the biggest video sharing website in the world.Users usually create their own clips and upload them to Youtube,in which you could see the cat dialing the phones,unemployed young people's frantic dance to outlet their depression,thunders and lightening of great scale,sound enticing?Hulu is a website only accepting IP addresses in America.Vevo,a platform specializing in music,within a country where medium is not that prosperous for spreading,you can not miss this,can you?
All those can be accessible when you use FlyVPN to unlock the Youtube,Hulu,and Vevo.Follow the following instructions  to set up FlyVPN in your devices:Windows, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, Android, PS 3/Xbox.
Let me introduce the setup in Windows first.
1.Register an account on our FlyVPN websites.

Register your own account on  FlyVPN

2. Download of FlyVPN.And you have this login image on your computer. Put in your username and password. 
Register an account and put in your username and password

3.Choose all traffic via vpn.
Choose all traffic via vpn

4.Choose the USA server with the smallest responding time.
Choose the USA server with the smallest responding time

5.Click connect.And it is done.Now watch Youtube,Hulu,and Vevo anytime you like. 

If you are concerned with its effects,Have a trial of FlyVPN USA servers.We provide free trial of FlyVPN.The steps are as following.
1.Download the FlyVPN on your computer.(FlyVPN Pro is preferred for it has more functions such as Custom Routes,OpenVPN.)
2.Get free trial username and password for FlyVPN.(Free trial VPN accounts are for evaluation and emergency use. Users with same IP address can use these accounts 3 times per day.Online time for free trial VPN accounts is limited to 20 minutes. When the time limit is reached, please wait for 5 minutes to reconnect).
3.Put in your trial username and password on the client FlyVPN.
Put in your trial username and password on the client FlyVPN

4.Choose all traffic via vpn.
5.Choose the USA server with the smallest responding time.
6.Click connect.
We have two plans,Shared IP VPN and Dedicated US VPN,both include USA server,both can hide you IP addresses and display your IP as America.
May you enjoy your time watching on Youtube,Hulu,and Vevo.


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