Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FlyVPN-------The least space-occupied and the most effective and economical in VPNs all over the world

When i first use FlyVPN,i had thought to myself,well,a software with so many virtues,it must have to occupy vast amount of space in hard drive,which is the situation that i am not looking forward to.
Nonetheless,a startling 1.8MB for start users(namely the FlyVPN Lite),2.1MB for experienced users,(namely the FlyVPN Pro).What a gift from God!
Many tools,although versatile in functions,huge in occupation,however,are not the favorite choice of most people.FlyVPN,tiny in the respect of hard drive space demand,clossal in the aspect of global covering,is not the second choice you have to settle for.
Why,anyway,did i call FlyVPN as effective?
First of all,for it is easily compatible with various common systems in our life:Windows, iOS(iPhone, iPad), Android, Mac OSX. 
Furthermore,we had  a complete guide on how to set up FlyVPN on those devices i mentioned above.The tutorials are edited meticulously and user-friendly.
Secondly,FlyVPN is lauded widely as effective for its vastness in covering regions.FlyVPN boasts 130+ servers in 35 countries.All those countries are included in the Shared IP VPN,which includes the  following countries:
Asia : China Mainland, Korea, Hongkong, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia,
Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Israel
Europe : UK(Britain), Germany, Spain, Russia, France, Turkey, Italy, 
Portugal, Ukraine, Sweden, Netherlands, Luxembourg.
America : USA,Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Panama. 
Oceania : Australia, New Zealand.
Africa : Egypt, South Africa. 
Thirdly,the reason why i called FlyVPN economical is that you can have a trial of FlyVPN before you seriously decide whether to have your premium account or not.Sound a good news to those discreet people.And even if you had paid and become our member,you could have your money back in 30 days.
Methods of payment :VISA,Master Card,Paypal,EPayZa,WESTERN UNION,OK PAY,MY CARD or go to the WESTERN UNION to remit and send e-mail to bill@flyvpn.com
Attention:West Union, Okpay and Mycard do not support for moneyback guarantee within 30 days
Attention:these countries are not available in trial:India,Israel,Sweden,Ukraine,Portugal,South Africa,Netherlands,Luxembourg,Panama.
Fourthly,FlyVPN is more effective than other kinds of VPNs because it had specific functions.
1.It has the custom routes,which enables you to accelerate your network speed on some websites that have certain IP addresses.
2.It has the OPENVPN protocol that would break the highest and the hardest barriers existing in Network.
3.It has the Specific Traffic Via VPN, which enables you to accelerate certain programes without influencing other programes.        


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