Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Problems on the configuration of FlyVPN on Mac in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most populated countries in the world and has a good prospect for rapid economic growth.For the people in Indonesia are more wealthier and more open,they can buy the smart phones and iPod,iPad,Mac,now,but one question is asked:what is the use of iPhone,iPad,Mac,if they can't even open riots of websites in foreign countries due to the restrictions of those exclusive websites?

You have a Mac,that is good.But it would be even better if you want to be called in,and if you can open popular websites like Youtube,Hulu,BBC on your Mac,which could undoubtedly widen your vision and in such case this Mac would deserve the price you pay for it.

Nonetheless,how to get access to those popular websites and games from abroad?FlyVPN can help you.
Wanna know how to use FlyVPN on your Mac?Open this:The instructions of setting up FlyVPN on Mac mannually.The instructions of setting up FlyVPN on Mac automatically(recommended)

Here are some of the problems you may encounter when you try to configure FlyVPN on your Mac.

1.If you want a trial of FlyVPN on Mac,and when you set up FlyVPN on Mac automatically,on the page below you may find a error message saying that your username and password are wrong.Someone may ask why,he had just registered an account on our website.

Attention:If you want a free trial of FLyVPN,and you configure FlyVPN on Mac automatically,then the trial usrname and password are not needed in the whole process of configuring FlyVPN on Mac automatically,you have to register your own account on our login page and put in your own account's username and password.
put in your own registered account's username and password
Put in your own registered account's username and password

2.If you you had configured your FlyVPN on Mac mannually,you can not configure FlyVPN on Mac automatically.

3.If you had configure FlyVPN on Mac automatically,you have to delete the profile or you can not configure FlyVPN on Mac automatically .

4.Authentication failed,when this error message appears,it is usually due to the username or password is wrong or the limitation of the number of users online simutaneously is reached already.In this case,make sure that your other devices has gone offline of FlyVPN,because if you have only bought one device of your FlyVPN account,your Mac would be unable to link to FlyVPN if your another device is linked to FlyVPN.

Or enter this to have an overview of your own FlyVPN account: http://www.flyvpn.com/User/Overview


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