Monday, May 5, 2014

Free trial extended to 7days

Many customers had complained to me that the free trial time is too short,generally,if to test the ping of a certain game,they want a day's free trial.i had to tell them,regretfully,that the free trial of FlyVPN is limited to 20mins a time,and 3 times a day.But the International Workers Day promotion is coming,the free trial of FlyVPN is about to be extended to 7 days once anyone lucky enough win the 7 days trial VPN code.

The activity will be held on facebook page,you have to complete 3 steps to win the 7 days trial VPN code.Do the following steps:Like, Comment and Share to win FlyVPN 7 days trial VPN code.Within all the participants we would select randomly 100 lucky guys,those who are selected would have 7-day free trial of FlyVPN,much longer than the traditional period that we provide.
Promotion of FlyVPN
Promotion of FlyVPN

But pay attention to the due time lest you miss this precious opportunity.The event will last for 9 days. Winners list will be announced on 8th, May, 2014. Please keep an eye on on winners list and check whether you are one of the lucky ones.
Another thing to be aware:If to test the ping of games,the package of Dedicated VPN is recommended.And although Dedicated packages do not provide free trial,the effects of Dedicated packages and those of Shared package are the same.So do not worry about the effects of Dedicated package for it has provided no trial.

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