Friday, October 10, 2014

Get a free Russia VPN

Whether you are one of 27 million Russian speakers living outside Russia and seeking to visit Russian websites, or a foreigner who needs a Russian IP address, get a Russia VPN is the best solution. Use a Russia VPN to bypass all censorship and enjoy your internet freedom!


Some Russian media websites like RTR, ORT, NTV, TNT, Detskii, Doschd, RTL Group, Rambler TV, Perwy channel, Pjaty channel and many others impose a geographical restriction on viewing online videos and their content. Access Russia-only sites and services from anywhere in the world by using the Russia VPN. Viewing the Russian tv broadcasts abroad through the Internet by VPN service will prevent you from being denied to access the video streams from an IP address out of Russia. For Russians on traveling, you may need to access your geo-restricted accounts, from online banking and state websites to simply a geographically-restricted shopping account. This restrictions always trouble you, so why not take advantage of those Russian VPNs. Some Russians may need to secure your Internet privacy, so that you can freely surf and pay your bills online, even when you use open wireless networks. As there are more than 140 million residents in Russia, millions of people should in need of VPN to secure their Internet privacy.


Most likely, we’d like to choose VPN based on personal experience and speed tests, so why not choose some VPNs like FlyVPN that offer free trial for users. It provides unlimited traffic and a stable VPN connection at all times. What’s more, it’s easy to get free Russia VPN. Follow up the instructions on FlyVPN’s installation tutorial, and get the free accounts and passwords from the free test page. You can connect to Russia servers in both of the two accounts.

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