Thursday, October 23, 2014

How I watch from outside Sweden is a great site where you can watch the most excellent Sweden live streams. An awful lot of programs are performed in SVTplay. It contains programs of news, weather forecasts, sport broadcast, children programs, soap operas, documentaries, and lots of other TV shows. 

SVT Play is very popular streaming web site in Sweden. SVTPlay is the brand used for the video on demand service offered by Sveriges Television, more specifically to the streaming services offered on the SVT website,, and its counterpart for mobile phones. Most programmes produced for or by SVT are published on SVT Play after they have been broadcast and are then available for 30 days. The Sweden TV shows like a Swedish sitcom - Welcome to Sweden and Scandinavian crime drama TV series The Bridge are deserve watching. 
But how can I then watch SVTplay when the live videos are not available to people like me who’s not in Sweden? Always get the error message as below when I click on videos don’t via a Sweden IP. First and foremost, we need to mask our real IP address, and there is a very simple way to do it. A Swedish IP address is needed to watch the live streams, and that can easily be acquired if use a stable and trustworthy Sweden VPN.

I use FlyVPN’s Sweden server to bypass geoblock and watch videos although I’m not in Sweden. I get my account the moment I make a subscription to its VPN services and connect to a server in Sweden easily. Restart the browser and the programs are available. Not only for quality service but because it’s very simple to set up and its performance is great. The Sweden VPN server is really fast, and I can watch the videos without lag.

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