Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to Watch Video Streaming Blocked by Geo-Restriction?

It’s really annoyed when we want to watch a TV show online or download a film, but the content is only available to people in certain regions. Thanks to VPN service, which is able to solve the geo-block problems, we can access to the video streaming of almost any countries. 
Web users who try to access foreign videos from their local places may fail to watch or download these videos. Hulu, Netflix, SVTplay, RTL and many other media sites are blocked in other countries. This is also true of music services like Spotify, and a wide range of other sites and services across the Web. However, we will receive a new IP address as we connect to such a VPN server and virtually reside in another country. All Internet sites might believe that you actually in their local place in minutes. You can manage the geo access for your live video content by connecting to VPN servers.
But another problem occurs, the speed. There is a big difference between the VPN servers, and the speed they offer differs as well. We test some VPNs, and find the performance of FlyVPN is among the best. FlyVPN is one of the most effective and stable VPN providers. It changes your IP address to another location when really is that you sit somewhere completely else. It contains more than 130 servers located in Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and Africa. It provides stable connection and better speed. Take Korean VPN server for example, you can access to Korea TV series and play Korea games in a good Internet condition after connect to Korea servers. 

We like its free VPN service. FlyVPN provides free accounts every day, so we can have a free trial before making a subscription. 

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