Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Watch Netflix from Abroad

Netflix grows fast in the last few years, and is offering all fantastic services available for a reasonable price. Although available in some regions like Sweden, United Kingdom, France, and Canada, only US residents can get the full benefit. For many other nations, it’s unable to access Netflix. If you want to watch Netflix in Japan you will not be able to do so, because the service is blocked. Fortunately, there is a way of watching Netflix still, and the solution is the VPN service. 

We suggest to fix this problem and bypass the restrictions by using FlyVPN. Routing your internet traffic via certain services like VPN can make you appear to be in the USA. Such an America VPN server will change your IP address no matter where it actually is, and as that connection turns alive, Netflix will be unblocked and you can bypass any restriction active in the country you are presently in. The good thing with FlyVPN is that it benefits you much more than only unblocking Netflix in your country. Such a provider also lets you surf the Internet anonymously, protects your privacy and makes your data secure. This VPN contains servers in most nations and with best prices. 
For those who don’t have a Netflix account, what you need to get around is actual membership of Netflix. You are able to pay with your local credit card and Paypal, and use a US address that you have somewhere to register.
If you already have a Netflix account, you just need to use a USA VPN. When you go to, your IP address will be checked by Netflix. If you go to Netflix with a IP address that is not in the range of its open regions, Netflix will display a message that says “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet.” You need to mask your location to a USA IP address. FlyVPN has more than one hundred USA IPs, it’s the best solution for unblock Netflix. It also offers free accounts for test, so you could have a free test of the servers before making a subscription.
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