Wednesday, October 8, 2014

UK VPN to Access British Media Sites

A number of world recognized services for their excellence in Britain are geo-restricted. Therefore non-UK residents often want to use VPN servers of England. Users with UK IP have a great many reasons to evade an increasingly censored internet. It’s convenient to visit UK based rich online TV, video, audio and social network websites with a UK VPN. FlyVPN containing several UK servers is one of the most popular VPN services.
Britain has most rich English based multimedia online contents. The most notable of these is the BBC iPlayer, which gives you full, ads free, access to its recent programming. If you are a big fan of ITV but living outside of England, then you can resort to VPN service - it's fantastic! 4oD is also welcome for its excellent TV programming, and LoveFilm and Spotify, while now available in many other places worldwide, are still at their best when viewed from within the Britain. You are able to access them after connecting to UK VPN servers.
UK VPNs secure your internet access for maximum privacy protection! Not only your real IP is hidden, online tracks from internet sniffing and web monitoring system are also hidden. PPTP, L2TP or OPENVPN based VPN client is almost built in every Desktop system, mobile phone and network device, no extra software installation required! It is pretty simple to configure your personal computers or mobile devices for UK VPN connections, check the VPN tutorials offered by FlyVPN - a stable VPN provides free test.
Below is the login information for free FlyVPN:
Username: vpnc or vpnu
Password: changed irregularly
If you do want to download vast quantities of data or watch lots of videos via a VPN, then you should really be prepared to pay for the service.
Once UK VPN connection is established, click the icons below to get quick access to some most popular websites in UK.

bbc-iplayer  sky-go-tv  itv

twitter  google  Spotify-UK

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