Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to use Twitter when you’re in China

Quite a lot of social media sites are limited or blocked in some regions. Such as Twitter, it is blocked in China. If you prefer to show your status or communicate with others via Twitter, then the VPN service can unblock the restriction.


Twitter is one of the most important online social networking service and microblogging service. Meanwhile, it is also victim from the internet censorship. For those who are used to communicating with friends trough Twitter, it may cause trouble if you need to stay away from Twitter for days, weeks and months. So, how can you access to Twitter no matter where you are? The VPN servers may be your first choice to unblock Twitter. If you are on the plan of traveling in China, prepare yourself and make a VPN subscription before going to China. For residents in China, you may like choose Twitter as a social media to share what’s in your mind. But unfortunately, it’s banned in China. So the best solution is to subscribe a VPN service
There are however other situations in which you might need to unblock Twitter as well. Maybe the service is blocked at your school or office, or maybe in some other ways, just resort to some VPN servers. It encrypts your Internet connection and connect you to a server outside your region, and once connected to this server you will find yourself surfing the Internet with an IP address elsewhere, and thus you will be able to bypass Twitter restrictions in the country you are currently in.
The FlyVPN’s VPN service will help you unblock Twitter and enjoy it easily. It benefits you from a secured connection, which guarantees privacy, security and freedom. You can use its free account to Tweet. The performance of its free VPN accounts and premium accounts are the same.

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