Friday, October 24, 2014

How to get good speed when using VPN

The download speeds always exceed several megabytes per second, but will the Internet connection slow down when we use VPN service. VPN can certainly change our IP address, enable us to access the blocked content and games, secure our personal information, and bypass the restriction from offices, school and hotels. However, will the VPN slow down the speed?
If you still haven’t use a VPN, you could refer to my previous articles contain the introduction of VPN. As it can help you to understand the way a VPN influences the speed of your Internet connection.
Here I list several factors that might influence your speeds:
The ping of the VPN server
The amount of users connected to that actual server
The speed of your local connection
The distance between the VPN server and your device


The response time between your computer and the VPN server is the smaller, the faster. So we’d better to choose a server with smaller response time. Choose a stable VPN with good speed is very important. So it’s a good idea to test the real performance of the VPN service. I recommend FlyVPN as it have some free VPN servers for users to test before making a subscription.
For the load, it is the smaller, the less busy the server is. A server might have good speed and ping, but if it is overcrowded, it might get slow. Some hot servers draw lots of users to connect at the same time, the users might be the ones suffering in the end. You might experience poor internet connection by connecting to this kind of VPN servers. Some VPN services like the FlyVPN have limits on amount of people connecting, thus making sure that users get maximum speed at all times. FlyVPN blocks new people from connecting, and make sure download speeds stay intact. So you can choose its VPN servers, and select one server with smaller load.
There might be a server in Germany with great actual speeds, but if you are located in Korea the data will have to transfer such a long way before it arrives at the server in France, which will cause a slow ping, and will provide you a slower speed. So you’d better to connect to a server near you with great response time and which is little busy.

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