Wednesday, April 30, 2014

International Workers Day-FlyVPN promotion

I had noticed that many customers who had consulted me sometimes complained that the service is too expensive.International Workers Day is coming,and so is the discount of FlyVPN.

For anyone who wants a free trial of FlyVPN,he would endure the inevitable limitations.Traditional free trial VPN accounts are for evaluation and emergency use. Users with same IP address can use these accounts 3 times per day,and online time for free trial VPN accounts is limited to 20 minutes.

International Worker Day promotion
International Worker Day promotion

 But now you have the opportunity to win the free 7-day FlyVPN trial code.Access   to complete 3 steps(Like, Comment& Share)on Facebook.From all the participants we will pick 100 fortunate guys randomly.The lucky guys will be announced on 8th, May, 2014.Please pay attention to winner list to make sure if you are the lucky one. 

The second good news is that for premium account users the discount is incredibly decent.Buy 6 months get 2 months free and buy 1 year get 5 months free on all offered packages.Such a discount is unheard before!The promotion is valid from April 29th, 2014 till May 7th, 2014.In the following passages,i will paste the price for various FlyVPN plans.Just calculate in your heart whether it is a great discount.

The price of offered VPN packages
The price of offered VPN packages

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Configure VPN on Xiaomi Box(smart TV)

Many customers are rather confused when they want to configure VPN Xiaomi Box.Should it be configured on routers?I can not configure it on smart TV directly...Today i would tell you how to solve some problems about the configuration VPN on Xiaomi Box.

1.Download the Rabbit Video on your Xiaomi Box.
To configure VPN on your Xiaomi Box,you should first download the Cooliris Android,or 360 Cellphone Assistant,or Tecent Cellphone Butler to your computer,anyone of the three is OK.Connect your Xiaomi Box to your computer.(Your Xiaomi Box should be plugged in during the process)After the Cooliris Android,or 360 Cellphone Assistant,or Tecent Cellphone Butler had detected your Xiaomi Box,it is the time to install the Rabbit Video.Besides,there are other third party programs that are suitable for Xiaomi Box:TaiJie Video TV.

Install the Rabbit Video on Xiaomi Box
Install the Rabbit Video on Xiaomi Box

2.Refer to the instructions about how to configure VPN on Android.(Because Xiaomi Box adopted the Android system,thus please refer to How to use a free VPN on Android?.)

I have noticed that a large amount of customers,especially those in Taiwan, bought Xiaomi Box to watch the videos from mainland China.Some have complained to me that the speed is too slow,and they asked whether i could recommend certain server that would perform better,i would tell them Relay to China 01( HongKong Relay To Shanghai Telecom 01) might help them.And if they would like to watch videos from mainland China,please do not choose SH BGP 02,SH BGP 04, SH BGP 05.

If you are concerned with the effects,we could provide you with free trial of FlyVPN.Besides,even though you had bought FlyVPN and really want to get rid of it for its bad performance,we guarantee 30 days money back,you can get your refund anytime you like.
The latest promotion of FlyVPN
The latest promotion of FlyVPN

In the end,a great great surprise is upcoming!All plans are included in this promotion.The latest promotion for National laboring day is coming.Buy 6 months get 2 months free and buy 1 year get 5 months free on all offered packages. The promotion is valid from April 29th, 2014 till May 7th, 2014.
The details of FlyVPN May Day Event.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Japan games available with free Japan VPN

Japan is a country that is renowned for its games of amazing quality.But many games in Japan are either out of reach of players,or they are hard to play for the latency is too long.I will recommend you a solution that enables you to change your IP addresses into IP addresses in Japan and reduce your ping time.You may know that VPN can solve the problems i mentioned before,but which VPN to choose is a big brain-racking question.
Final Fantasy Japan games
Final Fantasy Japan games

According to the demands raised above,you need a VPN that can let you be accepted by Japan games' websites and also can reduce the ping time.However,other factors will influence your decision,such as its price,its hard-drive space occupation,its practical effects,and whether it is compatible with various systems(Windows,iPhone,OSX,Linux).FlyVPN is the best Asia VPN you can trust.And when you want to get rid of it,you can uninstall it anytime you like.

We have 4 free VPN servers in Japan,games in Japan are available to you once you connect to free Japan VPN.As to those game websites that had accepted you but had beset you with much too long latency,the ping time is expected to fall amazingly with the help of FlyVPN.And if not sure whether to buy it,you can have a free trial of Japan VPN first,after the free trial,you can decide whether to buy FlyVPN or not.
Pocket Monster Japan
Pocket Monster Japan games

Another thing to congratulate you is that once you buy FlyVPN for its Japan VPN,you would find it a surprise that at the same time acquire other countries' servers,including servers in America,Britain,France,German,China and other dominant countries in the globe.If you are sick of Japan VPN,you can shift to any country's VPN we have anytime you like.That means you can not only play games in Japan,but also in America,Korea...We have VPN in 35 countries,namely,you can unblock restrictions of websites in these 36 countries.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Free Line stickers in Mexico,Argentina, Peru and Malaysia

Free line stickers are again on release in  Mexico,Argentina, Peru and Malaysia!The latest series on release include Lawak Kampus Moodz,Marranadas,etc.For Line users outside those fortunate regions,how to get free Line stickers without the limitation of regions?I recommended you to use free Malaysia VPN and free  Mexico,Argentina, Peru VPN.
Lawak Kampus Moodz(Malaysia)
free Line sticker
Lawak Kampus Moodz(Malaysia)

Marranadas(Mexico,Argentina, Peru)
free Line sticker
Marranadas(Mexico,Argentina, Peru)

Here i will provide you instructions about how to use free Malaysia VPN and free Mexico,Argentina, Peru VPN to download free Line stickers on your smart phone.(Android or iPhone)

1.How to download free Line stickers on Android
1.1: Bind your Line account with Facebook and email
1.2:Go to "Setting"-"APPs..."-"Line.exe" ,Click "Clear data" and "force stop".
1.3:Connect Flyvpn successfully .
The instructions of configuring free FlyVPN on Android.
1.4: Log in Line with email.

2.How to download Line stickers on iPhone.
2.1:Bind your Line account with Facebook and email
2.2:Uninstall Line program to cancel phone number authentication.Then install it again.
2.3:Connect FlyVPN successfully .
The instructions of configuring free FlyVPN on iPhone.
2.4: Log in Line with email.

To obtain free Malaysia,Mexico,Argentina, Peru IP addresses:Please log in our and look it up in the VPN server list.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Surf web anonymously in Turkey

Turkey,though had been advanced in the course of modernization amongst other Islamic countries,is now over-sensitive to Internet involving subversive information.So the censorship is everywhere when you surf the web in Turkey.FlyVPN could help you get rid of annoying censorship by surfing anonymously the web.With the help of FlyVPN,you are no longer haunted by the political trouble if you had published inappropriate speech.

It is extremely difficult to surf the web under no censorship particular in Islamic countries.Turkey is one of the most free countries on the issue of surfing web in Islamic countries.But sensitive political issues are still forbidden in Turkey.When we want to say something somewhat radical,something subtle,it is the best choice to use FlyVPN,for it would protect your privacy by changing your IP addresses,display you as anonymous online,duck the official trail.
Surf the web anonymously
Surf the web anonymously

Muslims are indisputably the most intelligent people in the world.Without jeopardizing the country's interest,i think people in Islamic countries such as Turkey should surely deserve their right to protect their privacy.

For the network in Turkey is sophisticated enough,and people in Turkey are wealthy enough to have PC in home,and since FlyVPN is compatible with Windows(XP,7,Vista, Mac OS X, Android, Linux,etc),it is handy to install FlyVPN on your computer.

And the steps are simple.Download the FlyVPN client on your computer(FlyVPN is renowned for its low possession of hard drive,only 2.1MB for FlyVPN Pro,the recommended version),get a free trial of FlyVPN's Turkish servers(We have two servers and ten shared IP addresses),Upgrade your account from trial account to premium account.Buy the Shared IP VPN of FlyVPN.
Price of Shared IP VPN
Price of Shared IP VPN

Furthermore,if you buy Shared IP VPN,you will find that you could connect your FlyVPN to 35 countries' 130+ servers,it is not just the Turkish servers you can connect to,in the end.Whichever country's server you connect to,you are disguised as the country's inhabitant,for you IP addresses had been changed into the IP of that country,thus your privacy will in no way be leaked.

As for anyone who are not people in Turkey,but who are interested in Turkey and unfortunately are shielded out for their alien IP address,you can try to connect our Turkey servers and surf the web anonymously.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Change IP address to Korea to play icarus

The latest Korean game icarus is available for open beta.Icarus is the first game in which characters fly riding on dragons to fight(which can be tamed also)in the world.But if players' IP addresses are not in Korea,then you can not download the icarus,or enter icarus's website to login,nor can you play icarus.What a pity!

FlyVPN has Korea servers and can undoubtedly help you download icarus,and register an account on icarus's website which only accept IP address in Korea.One of FlyVPN's main functions is to change your original IP addresses into other countries' IP address according to the server you choose to connect.

To see if the IP addresses had been changed by FlyVPN,follow the steps as following:
1.Before connection,you can enter to make sure your original IP address.
2. After the connection,enter again,and see if the IP address had been changed,if it had been changed into Korean IP addresses,your connection had been a success.Now you can be accepted by icarus website.

Your boss or your teacher are extremily rigid and forbid you from play games when you are on business or in class?Haughted by the restrictions that your company,school or hotel had imposed on you?FlyVPN helps you bypass Internet restrictions from offices, schools and hotels.

Attention:We have 3 FlyVPN plans:Shared IP VPN,USA Dedicated  VPN,and Korea Dedicated IP. To play icarus,you had better choose Korea Dedicated IP. For Korea Dedicated IP has only one staic IP,and one account can have only one IP,which could effectively reduce the risk of your game account being sealed.
Price of  Korea Dedicated VPN
Price of  Korea Dedicated VPN

And not only can you play icarus when you connect to Korea FlyVPN,other games in Korea which previously had refused your visit are also available to you once FlyVPN is in use.
Furthermore,FlyVPN's functions are far more beyond changing your IP addresses into Korea IP addresses.It can reduce the game's ping time,namely,you would enjoy more of icarus with the help of Korea FlyVPN and you would be no longer stuck while you are playing games.

Lastly,you can have a free trial of Korea FlyVPN(namely connect to Korea FlyVPN) to see its effects and then decide whether you will buy it.The effects depend on local network's situation.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Problems on the configuration of FlyVPN on Mac in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most populated countries in the world and has a good prospect for rapid economic growth.For the people in Indonesia are more wealthier and more open,they can buy the smart phones and iPod,iPad,Mac,now,but one question is asked:what is the use of iPhone,iPad,Mac,if they can't even open riots of websites in foreign countries due to the restrictions of those exclusive websites?

You have a Mac,that is good.But it would be even better if you want to be called in,and if you can open popular websites like Youtube,Hulu,BBC on your Mac,which could undoubtedly widen your vision and in such case this Mac would deserve the price you pay for it.

Nonetheless,how to get access to those popular websites and games from abroad?FlyVPN can help you.
Wanna know how to use FlyVPN on your Mac?Open this:The instructions of setting up FlyVPN on Mac mannually.The instructions of setting up FlyVPN on Mac automatically(recommended)

Here are some of the problems you may encounter when you try to configure FlyVPN on your Mac.

1.If you want a trial of FlyVPN on Mac,and when you set up FlyVPN on Mac automatically,on the page below you may find a error message saying that your username and password are wrong.Someone may ask why,he had just registered an account on our website.

Attention:If you want a free trial of FLyVPN,and you configure FlyVPN on Mac automatically,then the trial usrname and password are not needed in the whole process of configuring FlyVPN on Mac automatically,you have to register your own account on our login page and put in your own account's username and password.
put in your own registered account's username and password
Put in your own registered account's username and password

2.If you you had configured your FlyVPN on Mac mannually,you can not configure FlyVPN on Mac automatically.

3.If you had configure FlyVPN on Mac automatically,you have to delete the profile or you can not configure FlyVPN on Mac automatically .

4.Authentication failed,when this error message appears,it is usually due to the username or password is wrong or the limitation of the number of users online simutaneously is reached already.In this case,make sure that your other devices has gone offline of FlyVPN,because if you have only bought one device of your FlyVPN account,your Mac would be unable to link to FlyVPN if your another device is linked to FlyVPN.

Or enter this to have an overview of your own FlyVPN account:

Monday, April 21, 2014

Setup of FlyVPN on Android in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most populated countries in the world.We can be sure that there must be huge amounts of smart phone users using Android system.But because of barriers of many websites against alien IP addresses,people in Indonesia could only have heard the names of those popular games or websites but can not gain access to them on their smartphone with Android system.What a pity!

Nonetheless,i would like to provide you a method to get into the websites and games which have intrigued you for a long time.

The method is FlyVPN.To visit websites that have restrictions you must be equipped with FlyVPN.After using FlyVPN,the videos on Youtube,Hulu,BBC,and the games in Korea,Japan,America can all be available in Indonesia.The principle of FlyVPN  is that it could hide your IP address,and disguised itself as IP addresses from other countries.For exemple,if you link Chinese server,you can surf the Chinese web like Chinese people.

When you configure the FlyVPN on your Android,first of all,you should register an account for your own on our website.
Register your own account for FlyVPN

Secondly,click vpn server list to obtain the IP addresses of our vpn servers.
IP addresses in VPN server list

Thirdly,do as the tutorial of FlyVPN on Android told you.

If you are concerned with effects,you can have the free trial of FlyVPN.Do the following steps to trial FlyVPN on your Android system.
1.Acquire your trial username and password on trial of FlyVPN.
2.Register your own account on FlyVPN website.And login with your own account on FlyVPN login page to get the IP addresses of FlyVPN servers.(Attention:Do not login with your trial username and password on login page.Or you will see the error message:Invalid account name or password)
Log in with your own account to get FlyVPN servers's IP addresses

3.When configuring FlyVPN on your Android system, please put in the trial username and password.(If you put in the user name and password of your own registered account,there will be error messages:the account is expired.)
4.Do as the tutorial of configuration of FlyVPN on Android told you.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Unlock Youtube in Pakistan

Suffered from political unrest and the shadow of war,you people in   Pakistan  are craving for something new,something funny and consoling,not about the sectarian conflicts,but something that makes you laugh and cry,start and get excited.
Youtube is the biggest video sharing website in the world.Users usually create their own clips and upload them to Youtube,in which you could see the cat dialing the phones,unemployed young people's frantic dance to outlet their depression,thunders and lightening of great scale,sound enticing?Hulu is a website only accepting IP addresses in America.Vevo,a platform specializing in music,within a country where medium is not that prosperous for spreading,you can not miss this,can you?
All those can be accessible when you use FlyVPN to unlock the Youtube,Hulu,and Vevo.Follow the following instructions  to set up FlyVPN in your devices:Windows, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, Android, PS 3/Xbox.
Let me introduce the setup in Windows first.
1.Register an account on our FlyVPN websites.

Register your own account on  FlyVPN

2. Download of FlyVPN.And you have this login image on your computer. Put in your username and password. 
Register an account and put in your username and password

3.Choose all traffic via vpn.
Choose all traffic via vpn

4.Choose the USA server with the smallest responding time.
Choose the USA server with the smallest responding time

5.Click connect.And it is done.Now watch Youtube,Hulu,and Vevo anytime you like. 

If you are concerned with its effects,Have a trial of FlyVPN USA servers.We provide free trial of FlyVPN.The steps are as following.
1.Download the FlyVPN on your computer.(FlyVPN Pro is preferred for it has more functions such as Custom Routes,OpenVPN.)
2.Get free trial username and password for FlyVPN.(Free trial VPN accounts are for evaluation and emergency use. Users with same IP address can use these accounts 3 times per day.Online time for free trial VPN accounts is limited to 20 minutes. When the time limit is reached, please wait for 5 minutes to reconnect).
3.Put in your trial username and password on the client FlyVPN.
Put in your trial username and password on the client FlyVPN

4.Choose all traffic via vpn.
5.Choose the USA server with the smallest responding time.
6.Click connect.
We have two plans,Shared IP VPN and Dedicated US VPN,both include USA server,both can hide you IP addresses and display your IP as America.
May you enjoy your time watching on Youtube,Hulu,and Vevo.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

FlyVPN unblock Youku,Tudou in China Mainland

Wanna know what had happened in China Mainland?
Wanna see the latest gongfu film in China?

Wanna appreciate the exquisite TV series of antique costumes in chinese court?
Are Tudou,Youku,Souhu your longings when you are abroad,especially in Taiwan,where apparrently everyone speak Chinese,wheras you can not watch the video in mainland China legally?
However eager you are,when in Taiwan,you are expected to see the warning on the page of the website:Only for the audience in China mainland,or exclusive to the mainland spectators.Frustrated and furious,you are made sure that a VPN of excellent quality among the sea of all VPNs would be needed to unlock the video websites in China  Mainland.That is the FlyVPN.

Many video websites in China  Mainland only accept IP addresses belonging to China  Mainland.  Tudou and Youku are the two giants providing the entertaining programes,like the widely-welcomed Happy Camp,the most pervasive TV series,like the series on anti-Japanese war or spy war between communist party and nationalist party,which,as had been reckoned,would never be introduced to Taiwan  for the political sensitiveness,however grasping they appeared,and finally,the political editorials,which can be used to widen your eyes,not at the mercy of ruling government.I can promise you that the critics from other countries towards your country would be beyond imagination.

FlyVPN can help you change your Taiwan IP addresses into IPs in China Mainland to unlock the video websites of mainland China.In mainland China,where the websites are censored,you could visit the websites without getting the notice of government,because with Flyvpn,you are visiting with IP from  Mainland,anonymously,without your privacy leaked.

In Shared IP VPN,we have 23 servers in  China  Mainland,from which you could choose anyone to unblock the restritions that Youku,Tudou,or Souhu has.We have three protocols to unlock the video websites in  China  Mainland:
1.PPTP:Suitable for the the websites that have little restrictions.
2.L2TP:Suitable for the websites that have medium or high restrictions
3.OpenVPN:Suitable for the websites that have the highest restrictions.
If now you are sort of entranced by the prospect,but still concerned with actual effects,you are welcome to this step:trial of FlyVPN.
After the trial,you can decide on your own whether to order one.30 days gurrantee for money back.
Download for FlyVPN.
As to the setup of FlyVPN,you can be sure that it would impress you with simplicity and utility.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FlyVPN-------The least space-occupied and the most effective and economical in VPNs all over the world

When i first use FlyVPN,i had thought to myself,well,a software with so many virtues,it must have to occupy vast amount of space in hard drive,which is the situation that i am not looking forward to.
Nonetheless,a startling 1.8MB for start users(namely the FlyVPN Lite),2.1MB for experienced users,(namely the FlyVPN Pro).What a gift from God!
Many tools,although versatile in functions,huge in occupation,however,are not the favorite choice of most people.FlyVPN,tiny in the respect of hard drive space demand,clossal in the aspect of global covering,is not the second choice you have to settle for.
Why,anyway,did i call FlyVPN as effective?
First of all,for it is easily compatible with various common systems in our life:Windows, iOS(iPhone, iPad), Android, Mac OSX. 
Furthermore,we had  a complete guide on how to set up FlyVPN on those devices i mentioned above.The tutorials are edited meticulously and user-friendly.
Secondly,FlyVPN is lauded widely as effective for its vastness in covering regions.FlyVPN boasts 130+ servers in 35 countries.All those countries are included in the Shared IP VPN,which includes the  following countries:
Asia : China Mainland, Korea, Hongkong, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia,
Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Israel
Europe : UK(Britain), Germany, Spain, Russia, France, Turkey, Italy, 
Portugal, Ukraine, Sweden, Netherlands, Luxembourg.
America : USA,Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Panama. 
Oceania : Australia, New Zealand.
Africa : Egypt, South Africa. 
Thirdly,the reason why i called FlyVPN economical is that you can have a trial of FlyVPN before you seriously decide whether to have your premium account or not.Sound a good news to those discreet people.And even if you had paid and become our member,you could have your money back in 30 days.
Methods of payment :VISA,Master Card,Paypal,EPayZa,WESTERN UNION,OK PAY,MY CARD or go to the WESTERN UNION to remit and send e-mail to
Attention:West Union, Okpay and Mycard do not support for moneyback guarantee within 30 days
Attention:these countries are not available in trial:India,Israel,Sweden,Ukraine,Portugal,South Africa,Netherlands,Luxembourg,Panama.
Fourthly,FlyVPN is more effective than other kinds of VPNs because it had specific functions.
1.It has the custom routes,which enables you to accelerate your network speed on some websites that have certain IP addresses.
2.It has the OPENVPN protocol that would break the highest and the hardest barriers existing in Network.
3.It has the Specific Traffic Via VPN, which enables you to accelerate certain programes without influencing other programes.