Thursday, October 30, 2014

Watch SBS6 from outside Netherlands

SBS 6 is a commercial TV channel in the Netherlands, providing some of the best TV programs and American TV series. But these fantastic shows require you to have a Netherlands IP address. Luckily, a Netherlands VPN can help to get a Dutch IP address. If you wonder how to get one, this article will show you.

When it comes to the Internet there are something called geographical blocks that TV stations and channels in the Netherlands also need to follow. SBS 6 would automatically check your location based on your IP address when you visit its sites.When you go to SBS6 videos with an IP outside Netherlands, the certain content would be blocked, making it unavailable to you. Such an IP address can be a real treasure to people who want to watch their favorite TV shows while living abroad. The solution is therefore to get a Netherlands IP address, and the best way of doing so is by using VPN service. 
Once a Netherlands VPN server connection has been made you will be able to watch and reach content only available to people with an IP address in the Netherlands. The VPN services of FlyVPN is always the first selection for us. It has great speed on its Amsterdam server. 

Its VPN client offered is very easy to use for windows system users. Just need download the software, the “FlyVPN Pro” version is recommended. Install and run it. I remember the first time I tried it I was surprised as well as I realized how easy it was. 
If you want to setup VPN on other systems as Android, iOS, Mac, etc, refer to its VPN setup tutorials. Or refer to some previous articles, , .
Would you like to unblock TV channels like SBS6? Then you are in need of getting hold of a Netherlands VPN!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Watch Netflix from Abroad

Netflix grows fast in the last few years, and is offering all fantastic services available for a reasonable price. Although available in some regions like Sweden, United Kingdom, France, and Canada, only US residents can get the full benefit. For many other nations, it’s unable to access Netflix. If you want to watch Netflix in Japan you will not be able to do so, because the service is blocked. Fortunately, there is a way of watching Netflix still, and the solution is the VPN service. 

We suggest to fix this problem and bypass the restrictions by using FlyVPN. Routing your internet traffic via certain services like VPN can make you appear to be in the USA. Such an America VPN server will change your IP address no matter where it actually is, and as that connection turns alive, Netflix will be unblocked and you can bypass any restriction active in the country you are presently in. The good thing with FlyVPN is that it benefits you much more than only unblocking Netflix in your country. Such a provider also lets you surf the Internet anonymously, protects your privacy and makes your data secure. This VPN contains servers in most nations and with best prices. 
For those who don’t have a Netflix account, what you need to get around is actual membership of Netflix. You are able to pay with your local credit card and Paypal, and use a US address that you have somewhere to register.
If you already have a Netflix account, you just need to use a USA VPN. When you go to, your IP address will be checked by Netflix. If you go to Netflix with a IP address that is not in the range of its open regions, Netflix will display a message that says “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet.” You need to mask your location to a USA IP address. FlyVPN has more than one hundred USA IPs, it’s the best solution for unblock Netflix. It also offers free accounts for test, so you could have a free test of the servers before making a subscription.
For free trial accounts, visit
For setup tutorial, visit

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Enjoy the Blade & Soul Taiwan OBT

The CEO of NCsoft Taiwan made an announcement that Blade & Soul Taiwan will have its Open Beta Test on November 20 at a recent conference. That is to say, Taiwanese players will be able to enjoy Blade & Soul's OBT next month. For players living outside Taiwan, a Taiwan VPN server can help.


Is this game fantastic? Let us know more details about it and get more information about how can we play its Taiwan Server free. Blade & Soul is a Korean excellent martial-arts massively multi-player online game developed by NCsoft (Team Bloodlust). Differ from the charge of other countries, the Taiwan server will be Free-to-Play, and unlike the China server, will not have any VIP system. But if need better service, it will be charged. For now, the development team will focus on improving the game via the feedback provided over the several weeks of testing. There is still no update for the English server, but I am still guessing a launch next year. 


Most Taiwan games require to register and play with Taiwan IP address. It is unavailable to play BNS Taiwan server without Taiwan IP address. What you need is Taiwan VPN. Even though you are living outside of Taiwan, the VPN service with Taiwan servers can unblock the Blade & Soul Taiwan server. It is the good solution for foreign players. FlyVPN is highly recommended, it provides gamers Taiwan VPN for free trial. It’s convenient to test ping without pay into VPNs recklessly. 


Here are the details of how to get free Taiwan VPN
Download FlyVPN client from its official website:
Install and run the client
Input “vpnu” as username. Get latest password from


Click Asia tab, then select the Taiwan server.


For more details, please refer to its VPN setup tutorial
The free VPN accounts are for temporary use, they are provided for users to test. For players, it’s necessary to get your own account.
Blade & Soul Taiwan will be entering its full Open Beta phase on 20th November, exactly less than one month from now on. Players are able to reserve characters from 14th November. Just around the corner, so it’s time to get Taiwan VPN service.  

Monday, October 27, 2014

Internet connection stops when connected to VPN service

Using a VPN service can help to change your IP address, is great for the sense of security and protects your privacy. However, the Internet connection may stops when you connect to VPN servers. Fortunately, there are now a number of ways to let the internet work after connecting to VPN servers.

This is a problem that can easily be bypassed, and all you need to do is to change the DNS servers you use. The easiest DNS service for free is Google DNS: or .
If your Internet connection stops after connecting to VPN service, you will probably need to change your DNS servers to one of those mentioned above. 
Here we will describe how to change your DNS servers.
Open network connections
Right click on your WiFi connection and select Properties
Select TCP/IP version 4 and click properties
Copy and paste the DNS servers of the service you prefer into the fields for DNS servers
If it still does not work, restart your computer and try again

Refer to the control panel and select "View network status and tasks"
Press Network and Sharing Center followed by Change Adapter Settings
Select your Network adapter (WiFi) and press Properties
Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and select Properties
Select "Use the following DNS services" and copy one of the solutions mentioned

Choose System preferences and Network
Choose the connection in use (either Ethernet or WiFi) and click advanced
Select DNS and add the DNS server information
Click Apply

Click System, Preferences, Network Connections
Select either wired (Ethernet) or Wireless connection based on what you use.
Click edit and select either IPv4 or IPv6 options
If option is Automatic (DHCP) change it to Automatic (DHCP) addresses only. Then go ahead and add the needed information to the DNS servers.
Click apply and you are ready to go!

Friday, October 24, 2014

How to get good speed when using VPN

The download speeds always exceed several megabytes per second, but will the Internet connection slow down when we use VPN service. VPN can certainly change our IP address, enable us to access the blocked content and games, secure our personal information, and bypass the restriction from offices, school and hotels. However, will the VPN slow down the speed?
If you still haven’t use a VPN, you could refer to my previous articles contain the introduction of VPN. As it can help you to understand the way a VPN influences the speed of your Internet connection.
Here I list several factors that might influence your speeds:
The ping of the VPN server
The amount of users connected to that actual server
The speed of your local connection
The distance between the VPN server and your device


The response time between your computer and the VPN server is the smaller, the faster. So we’d better to choose a server with smaller response time. Choose a stable VPN with good speed is very important. So it’s a good idea to test the real performance of the VPN service. I recommend FlyVPN as it have some free VPN servers for users to test before making a subscription.
For the load, it is the smaller, the less busy the server is. A server might have good speed and ping, but if it is overcrowded, it might get slow. Some hot servers draw lots of users to connect at the same time, the users might be the ones suffering in the end. You might experience poor internet connection by connecting to this kind of VPN servers. Some VPN services like the FlyVPN have limits on amount of people connecting, thus making sure that users get maximum speed at all times. FlyVPN blocks new people from connecting, and make sure download speeds stay intact. So you can choose its VPN servers, and select one server with smaller load.
There might be a server in Germany with great actual speeds, but if you are located in Korea the data will have to transfer such a long way before it arrives at the server in France, which will cause a slow ping, and will provide you a slower speed. So you’d better to connect to a server near you with great response time and which is little busy.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

How I watch from outside Sweden is a great site where you can watch the most excellent Sweden live streams. An awful lot of programs are performed in SVTplay. It contains programs of news, weather forecasts, sport broadcast, children programs, soap operas, documentaries, and lots of other TV shows. 

SVT Play is very popular streaming web site in Sweden. SVTPlay is the brand used for the video on demand service offered by Sveriges Television, more specifically to the streaming services offered on the SVT website,, and its counterpart for mobile phones. Most programmes produced for or by SVT are published on SVT Play after they have been broadcast and are then available for 30 days. The Sweden TV shows like a Swedish sitcom - Welcome to Sweden and Scandinavian crime drama TV series The Bridge are deserve watching. 
But how can I then watch SVTplay when the live videos are not available to people like me who’s not in Sweden? Always get the error message as below when I click on videos don’t via a Sweden IP. First and foremost, we need to mask our real IP address, and there is a very simple way to do it. A Swedish IP address is needed to watch the live streams, and that can easily be acquired if use a stable and trustworthy Sweden VPN.

I use FlyVPN’s Sweden server to bypass geoblock and watch videos although I’m not in Sweden. I get my account the moment I make a subscription to its VPN services and connect to a server in Sweden easily. Restart the browser and the programs are available. Not only for quality service but because it’s very simple to set up and its performance is great. The Sweden VPN server is really fast, and I can watch the videos without lag.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to use Twitter when you’re in China

Quite a lot of social media sites are limited or blocked in some regions. Such as Twitter, it is blocked in China. If you prefer to show your status or communicate with others via Twitter, then the VPN service can unblock the restriction.


Twitter is one of the most important online social networking service and microblogging service. Meanwhile, it is also victim from the internet censorship. For those who are used to communicating with friends trough Twitter, it may cause trouble if you need to stay away from Twitter for days, weeks and months. So, how can you access to Twitter no matter where you are? The VPN servers may be your first choice to unblock Twitter. If you are on the plan of traveling in China, prepare yourself and make a VPN subscription before going to China. For residents in China, you may like choose Twitter as a social media to share what’s in your mind. But unfortunately, it’s banned in China. So the best solution is to subscribe a VPN service
There are however other situations in which you might need to unblock Twitter as well. Maybe the service is blocked at your school or office, or maybe in some other ways, just resort to some VPN servers. It encrypts your Internet connection and connect you to a server outside your region, and once connected to this server you will find yourself surfing the Internet with an IP address elsewhere, and thus you will be able to bypass Twitter restrictions in the country you are currently in.
The FlyVPN’s VPN service will help you unblock Twitter and enjoy it easily. It benefits you from a secured connection, which guarantees privacy, security and freedom. You can use its free account to Tweet. The performance of its free VPN accounts and premium accounts are the same.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to Watch Video Streaming Blocked by Geo-Restriction?

It’s really annoyed when we want to watch a TV show online or download a film, but the content is only available to people in certain regions. Thanks to VPN service, which is able to solve the geo-block problems, we can access to the video streaming of almost any countries. 
Web users who try to access foreign videos from their local places may fail to watch or download these videos. Hulu, Netflix, SVTplay, RTL and many other media sites are blocked in other countries. This is also true of music services like Spotify, and a wide range of other sites and services across the Web. However, we will receive a new IP address as we connect to such a VPN server and virtually reside in another country. All Internet sites might believe that you actually in their local place in minutes. You can manage the geo access for your live video content by connecting to VPN servers.
But another problem occurs, the speed. There is a big difference between the VPN servers, and the speed they offer differs as well. We test some VPNs, and find the performance of FlyVPN is among the best. FlyVPN is one of the most effective and stable VPN providers. It changes your IP address to another location when really is that you sit somewhere completely else. It contains more than 130 servers located in Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and Africa. It provides stable connection and better speed. Take Korean VPN server for example, you can access to Korea TV series and play Korea games in a good Internet condition after connect to Korea servers. 

We like its free VPN service. FlyVPN provides free accounts every day, so we can have a free trial before making a subscription. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Watch NOS from outside Netherlands

NOS is a popular TV channel in Netherlands with lots of great TV shows on schedule. But the live streams of NOS are limited to people living in Netherlands, making it hard for people outside the nation to watch it. Fortunately, the Netherlands VPN makes you easily access to the live stream. Keep on reading, then you can watch the NOS live stream in few minutes.


Netherlands is one of the most ravishing countries in the world. The canals, the streets, thousands of bicycles and the colorful tulips make Amsterdam a beautiful city. NOS, simple for Nederlandse Omroep Stichting, broadcasts different sports events such as Champions League matches, Olympics Games, Tour de France and similar shows. NOS Studio Sport is its sports program,covering the most popular sports, like Football, tennis, ice skating, cycling and field hockey. As the leading and most popular channels for watching Dutch television, NOS is not only in sports events, but also in other great programs. However, the NOS doesn't allow people outside of The Netherlands to watch its live streams. If you want to virtually reside in Netherlands, the cheapest and easiest way is to get hold of a VPN which enables you a Netherlands IP address. 
Whether to watch living streaming on PC, Mac or Pad, you have to pick a fast Netherlands VPN provider. The FLYVPN is suggested when watching NOS from abroad. To stream live TV you need a high-speed internet connection. Using FLYVPN’s Netherlands VPN server and services to reduce the latency. Once you are connected to a VPN server in the Netherlands you will surf the Internet with a Netherlands IP address and all your traffic on the Internet will seem to origin from the nation of Netherlands. 
Would you like to watch NOS from abroad? To get a Netherlands IP address, the VPN service is the best solution. 


Friday, October 17, 2014

Can I watch the British show: X Factor?

The X Factor UK is one of the most popular programs around the world. As a British music competition, the X Factor is aim to discover new talented singers, contested by aspiring singers drawn from public auditions. The X Factor is created by Simon Cowell and broadcast on the ITV network in Britain. The singing competition continues. But how can we watch the broadcasts online when we are not in the United Kingdom? The Britain VPN can change your IP to a British IP, then you can watch the show online.

The X Factor is the biggest television talent competition in Europe and has proved hugely popular with the public. The show began in 2004 and has since aired annually from August/September until December. The show was devised as a replacement for the highly successful Pop Idol, which was put on indefinite hiatus after its second series, largely because Cowell, who was a judge on Pop Idol, wished to launch a show to which he owned the television rights. Get yourself a reliable VPN with Britain Servers to watch the popular TV show and know more about your favored stars.

The FlyVPN with UK VPN service is your best tool to enjoy the shows of X Factor. It provides Britain servers in the Shared IP VPN package. One of the free account - “vpnu” contains a British server as well, so you can test the performance of this Britain VPN before subscription. It’s easy to obtain and operate, just click the FlyVPN Client to download its “pro” version, install and run it. After connecting to a Britain server, you have to register on ITV, then the video is unblocked. 

Find a stable British VPN, and enjoy the performance of Leona Lewis, Shayne Ward, Leon Jackson, Steve Brookstein, Matt Cardle, Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Portugal VPN accesses to Portugal videos

Geo-restriction of content blocking and location-based censorship are regularly happened in Portugal. Whether you are a Portugal citizen on your trip or a foreigner who like to access Portugal’s Internet resources freely, a Portugal VPN allows you to experience the Internet without blocking. It will be convenient to watch your favorites movie or TV shows, shop online and play online games available in Portugal.  


FlyVPN helps to regain your online freedom and bypass these blocks. This means you can browse Potugal’s Internet with no restrictions and get more information from the country. A Portugal IP address is helpful for those that wish to appear to be located in another country. The Portugal VPN server provided by FlyVPN is an excellent tool that helps you to bypass all kinds of location and IP based restrictions. By connecting to a Portugal VPN server, you can access to all the favored Portugal sites such as,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and 
Portugal is on the list of countries with Internet censorship and the severity of freedom of speech have existed for a long time. Thus, Portugal VPN is also a best tool for the Portuguese internet users. You can express your thoughts and feelings freely with this virtual private tunnel. It hides your real IP, and make you surf anonymously. The Portugal VPN keeps one protected from hike attacks, protects your privacy and bypasses Internet restrictions from offices, schools and hotels.
FlyVPN’s Portugal VPN unblocks all Portuguese websites when you are located outside of Portugal. It can access Portuguese websites from anywhere around the world.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stable free Italy VPN

Italy is not only a nation of pizza and football, but it is a country with lots of fancy TV shows. Unfortunately quite a lot of services in Italy are only available for people with an Italian IP address. So, how to get an Italian IP address? The solution is to find a reliable VPN with Italy VPN servers. The FlyVPN with free Italy VPN is the best choice to unblock geo-restricted sites and is also helpful for those that wish to appear to be located in another country.
If you fell in love with Italy TV show, or fond to share something in Italy social medias, or your regularly played game is available in Italy, then you need to get a Italy VPN. Many of the media contents require users with Italian IP addresses to enjoy them. While traveling in the nation, or if you once lived there, Italy is always a country that leaves deep impression on you. An Italy VPN can make you feel closer to the country. You will not only be able to browse the web anonymously but you will also be able to access to some websites that are blocked in your country. The Italy VPN change your real IP to an Italian IP address which is able to watch Rai Uno and La7 live for example. The Italian IP is also helpful when use your Italian Netflix account, watch Hulu and Serie A matches broadcasted live on Italian TV. You are completely anonymous, you get a secured connection for all programs you are using, your traffic is fully encrypted and you are totally protected.
FlyVPN provides a free Italy server in its free account “vpnc”, so you can use free Italy VPN each day. Follow the instruction of VPN setup to get FlyVPN.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Free Turkey VPN

Turkey is a country that residents are wired into the internet in almost everywhere. Social media has become an integral component of Turkish society. For people need access to Turkey websites or social medias, the free Turkey VPN is useful. The Turkey VPN with perfect servers allow you bypass the government’s blocks on websites.

The acceptance rate for developing technology is very high in Turkey. The Turkish government regulates how people live their lives and share information, and possible bans on social media in the region appear commonly. There are several ways you can get a Turkish IP address, but the most convenient and best way is to get a Turkey VPN. For those who are from Turkey, but now live outside your country and need a Turkish IP to reach some special content, the free Turkey VPN offered by FlyVPN is best your solution. Or maybe you live outside Turkey, but want to see TV shows, play games, and enjoy stuff only available to those with a Turkish IP address, this free Turkey VPN helps as well.
It contains PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN connections. Free Turkey VPN trial provides one hour every day for each user. The FlyVPN services offers multiple customer support options, extensive device compatibility and user-friendly software. Then how to get the free trial account of FlyVPN? It’s easy to obtain, setup FlyVPN on your device and get the free accounts and passwords from the VPN free trial page. For windows system users, download the FlyVPN CLIENT , install and run, then input the free user name and password. If you'd like to use VPN on other systems like iOS, Android, or XBOX, refer to the VPN tutorial . Input "vpnu" and its password to find the Turkey VPN.

Monday, October 13, 2014

How to setup VPN for PS4 to play Driveclub

Driveclub, released in October 2014, is an exciting racing video game for the PlayStation 4. It developed by Evolution Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. In Europe, the game is also available with the PlayStation 4 in two different bundles: one with the white version of the console, the other with the black version. Driveclub is about teamwork, earning rewards together, and sharing in the sheer thrill of every race. 

Have you get ready for this PlayStation 4 racing game? The game VPN is necessary in my opinion. This article is about how to setup VPN for PS4.

When you are using wireless connection with PC/Laptop:
1. Click here to download FlyVPN client, Install and run it. Then you can see FlyVPN connection under "Network Connections" have been established.
2. Right click on FlyVPN connection and go to its properties.
a: Click "Sharing" tab.
b: Select either Local Area Network or PS4 (if that appears) in the "Home network connection".
c: Check "Allow other people to use this connection" box.
d: Click "OK" .Then your FlyVPN connection has been shared.
3. Double click FlyVPN connection,Input your FlyVPN account and password. Click "Connect". Then your are connected FlyVPN successfully on PC/Laptop.
4. Plug your PS4 to your PC/laptop with ethernet cable. Make sure on your PS4 dashboard your IP settings and DNS Settings are set to automatic.
5. PS4 can surf via FlyVPN connection.

When you are using wired connection with PC/Laptop:
1. Download FlyVPN client,Install and run it. Connect FlyVPN successfully to establish FlyVPN connection.Then you can see FlyVPN connection under "Network Connections". 
2. Double click FlyVPN connection and go to its properties.
a: Click "Sharing" tab.
b: Select  either Local area connection or PS4 (if that appears) in the "Home network connection".
c: Check "Allow other people to use this connection" box.
d: Click "OK".If a windows about change LAN adapter pops up.Click "Yes".Then FlyVPN connection has been shared.
3. Right click "Local Area Connection"-"Properties"-"Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)" - "Properties". Check "Obtail an IP address autinatically" and "Obtail DNS server address automatically" boxes. Then click "OK" .
4. Input "cmd" into start menu search box and press "enter" key .
5. Input "ipconfig" and press "Enter" key. Write down the IPv4 address under "Enther adapter local area aconnection".
6. Double click FlyVPN connection and input your FlyVPN account and password, Click "Connect" to connect FlyVPN successfully on PC.
7. Plug your PS4 to wireless router LAN port through Ethernet cable. Go to PS4 IP setting manually.
a: IP address: Keep the last digit different from "Ethernet adapter local area connection IPv4 address" you have written it down. For example, Enthernet adapter local area connection IPv4 address is .You can enter or other IP address except
 b: Default gateway: Same as "Ethernet adapter local area connection IPv4 address".
 C: Preferred DNS server: Same as "Ethernet adapter local area connection IPv4 address".
8. Go to test PS4 network. Then you can connected FlyVPN connection on PS4.
Enjoy the excitement of high-speed racing! 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Get an America VPN for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, the latest creation of 2K games, will be released on October 14, 2014. The game goes live on most major gaming platforms for $59.99 in North America area. It is expected to be released for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. An America VPN is necessary for playing this game.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is an upcoming first-person shooter video game. Being developed by 2K Australia with assistance from Gearbox Software, it is the third game in the Borderlands series, and a prequel to the 2012 game Borderlands 2. The Pre-Sequel gives you a whole new gameplay featuring the genre blending fusion of shooter and RPG mechanics that players have come to love. Looks amazing, but if you don’t have an IP address of America, it seems pity. The America VPN servers can change your real IP to America IP address and make you access to this game.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Then it’s time to choose a proxy that can both change your IP address and reduce the latency at the same time. FlyVPN is good at reducing the high ping. It has more than 100 VPN servers in America,and some of those servers are free, and of course you can have a free trial before buying an account. The free trial VPN accounts are on the right side of this page: . FlyVPN also produces the service of Customizing Routing Table for game players. I have customized the routing table by following its instruction. It’s very useful to reducing ping, but is only for premium accounts. Anyway, it's a perfect game VPN.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Friday, October 10, 2014

Get a free Russia VPN

Whether you are one of 27 million Russian speakers living outside Russia and seeking to visit Russian websites, or a foreigner who needs a Russian IP address, get a Russia VPN is the best solution. Use a Russia VPN to bypass all censorship and enjoy your internet freedom!


Some Russian media websites like RTR, ORT, NTV, TNT, Detskii, Doschd, RTL Group, Rambler TV, Perwy channel, Pjaty channel and many others impose a geographical restriction on viewing online videos and their content. Access Russia-only sites and services from anywhere in the world by using the Russia VPN. Viewing the Russian tv broadcasts abroad through the Internet by VPN service will prevent you from being denied to access the video streams from an IP address out of Russia. For Russians on traveling, you may need to access your geo-restricted accounts, from online banking and state websites to simply a geographically-restricted shopping account. This restrictions always trouble you, so why not take advantage of those Russian VPNs. Some Russians may need to secure your Internet privacy, so that you can freely surf and pay your bills online, even when you use open wireless networks. As there are more than 140 million residents in Russia, millions of people should in need of VPN to secure their Internet privacy.


Most likely, we’d like to choose VPN based on personal experience and speed tests, so why not choose some VPNs like FlyVPN that offer free trial for users. It provides unlimited traffic and a stable VPN connection at all times. What’s more, it’s easy to get free Russia VPN. Follow up the instructions on FlyVPN’s installation tutorial, and get the free accounts and passwords from the free test page. You can connect to Russia servers in both of the two accounts.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Use Spain VPN to Watch Spanish Online Programs

Spain has various forms of internet restrictions. There is no traffic and bandwidth limitation when using the Spain VPN. It allows you bypass the restrictions and provides high speed. 


You may find that the Spanish TV channels like La1, La2, Antena3, Cuatro, Neox, Spotify, Telecinco and many others are hard to access outside Spain. These TV channels have a geographical lockout, and impose a geographical restriction on viewing their content and online videos, which is set to prevent access outside of Spain. Then how to bypass the restriction? The solution involves to change your IP address! Thanks to VPN which is easy to use and is an user friendly software that enables to switch your IP address by connecting to a server. If you want to watch the Spanish TV channels from abroad, select a VPN service like FlyVPN that contains Spanish VPN servers
A Spain VPN does a lot more than just protect your privacy while online. It allows to change your current IP to one of another country and encrypted data transfers. A Spain VPN can let you surf around as an invisible user and protect any information you decide to send over the web when you want to do any banking. It allows you access to websites that are only available in Spain. The Spain VPN is not only for people who are dwelling outside of Spain. For Spain residents, if you want to bypass all these restrictions and freely express all your opinion while remaining completely anonymous to authorities, you MUST get the VPN Service.
Configure a VPN and connect to Spain VPN servers. Once it’s done, you have free access to these Spanish sites. It’s easy to unblock Telecinco or any other Spain-only online media website.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

UK VPN to Access British Media Sites

A number of world recognized services for their excellence in Britain are geo-restricted. Therefore non-UK residents often want to use VPN servers of England. Users with UK IP have a great many reasons to evade an increasingly censored internet. It’s convenient to visit UK based rich online TV, video, audio and social network websites with a UK VPN. FlyVPN containing several UK servers is one of the most popular VPN services.
Britain has most rich English based multimedia online contents. The most notable of these is the BBC iPlayer, which gives you full, ads free, access to its recent programming. If you are a big fan of ITV but living outside of England, then you can resort to VPN service - it's fantastic! 4oD is also welcome for its excellent TV programming, and LoveFilm and Spotify, while now available in many other places worldwide, are still at their best when viewed from within the Britain. You are able to access them after connecting to UK VPN servers.
UK VPNs secure your internet access for maximum privacy protection! Not only your real IP is hidden, online tracks from internet sniffing and web monitoring system are also hidden. PPTP, L2TP or OPENVPN based VPN client is almost built in every Desktop system, mobile phone and network device, no extra software installation required! It is pretty simple to configure your personal computers or mobile devices for UK VPN connections, check the VPN tutorials offered by FlyVPN - a stable VPN provides free test.
Below is the login information for free FlyVPN:
Username: vpnc or vpnu
Password: changed irregularly
If you do want to download vast quantities of data or watch lots of videos via a VPN, then you should really be prepared to pay for the service.
Once UK VPN connection is established, click the icons below to get quick access to some most popular websites in UK.

bbc-iplayer  sky-go-tv  itv

twitter  google  Spotify-UK