Sunday, June 15, 2014

China VPN to watch World Cup live in Malaysia

Fervent football fans in China are now busying watching CCTV 5 for the live of World even at the cost of burning night oil. But those Chinese people in Malaysia are anxious to watch matches with Chinese comentor but can not for they could only see the native TV set when they are in Malaysia.
Malaysia has large number of Chinese people. They have to find a way to watch World Cup live for themselves.
World Cup
World Cup

CNTV is the only way they could resort to. But even that would require a VPN in China mainland. Actually, in foreign countries, World Cup must be paid to watch. So if anyone spends money on VPN to watch a World Cup live, he is to access to CNTV, which would not charge you for World Cup live unless you want VIP service, with which, according to survey, however, you would not be able to watch the World Cup live comfortably. So VIP account in CNTV is not recommended.

World Cup
World Cup

Some programs in CNTV is available to all IP addresses. However, World Cup live is not included. So, Connect to a China mainland VPN now! And connect to CNTV now.

Finally, i have a warning that the live matches are only on webpage, if you download some other app, it might recognize your original IP addresses and disable you to watch World Cup live.

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