Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Get Free VPN by guessing World Cup outcomes

World Cup matches are so unpredictable. In my opinion, it had never occurred to me that Spain would lose the match against Netherlands, and the score is the most shocking, 5:1. Brazil must win Mexico, i thought, but they end up in peace, 0:0!Because it is so unpredictable, it is exciting to guess who would win.
Football gamble is something traditional. Compared with winning money during the gamble, how about winning the chance to use a VPN? I would recommend you how to get a free VPN.
Please visit this VPN Facebook site to guess the outcome before the match. You say draw, or the name of the team you think will win, and if it is right, you would get the days of free VPN. The team that is less likely to win would reward more if you gamble it would win.
Take Brazil and Croatia as an example:
Brazil vs Croatia
Brazil vs Croatia
That means if you guess Brazil would win, you would get 7 days' free vpn.

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