Thursday, June 5, 2014

Zhenzhi second trial to be Elin Tera

Elin has been the most popular character in Tera according to reliable statistics. The latest promotion of Tera in China region is to play the role of  Elin, which is exactly what most players had dreamed. Elin is renowned for her sexy appearance, cute behaviors, and the most important of all, powerful strength compared to other, and it is said that up tp 70% gamers in Tera choose to play the race of Elin.
Elin Tera second zhenzhi trial
Elin Tera second zhenzhi trial

How to participate in the trial of becoming Elin in Tera? The activity lasted for 2 days, from 10th June 18:00 to 12th June 18:00. Now anyone who's gonna miss the the trial Chinese version of Tera, i will introduce the method in which could in advance experience the pleasure of becoming an Elin race.

1. Tencent PC manger Tera's special column link address

2. Tencent PC manger Tera's special column check if your computer is capable with Tera.

3. Through WeChat to scan the two-dimensional code, pay attention to Tera WeChat.
two-dimensional code
two-dimensional code

4. Snap with your phone, and relay the result of Tecent PC manager,your name your mobile phone number to Tera WeChat.

5. After the mannual censorship of official Tera, you would be informed by phone and your trial invitation number would be given.

The offcial censorship time:4th-7th June. 

But this promotion is limited to China mainland region. If the gamers are abroad, he would not be able to play. The general method is to configure a VPN on their computer. 

I would recommend FlyVPN. This service i personally have used many times has many servers in China.

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