Monday, June 9, 2014

How to choose a game VPN

According to the survey i had conducted, i found that League Of Legends is always the game that gamers in various countries played. But at the same time, LOL gamers are often confused by high ping.

Anyone who played video games such as LOL would always find that their lag is always extremely high. Sometimes when you are fighting fiercely with enemies, and you died for no reason quickly. So the method to lower the ping is the most important thing for a gamer who connected to a game server in foreign. My method is to configure a VPN on my PC to lower the ping.

League Of Legends
League Of Legends

To choose a VPN of good quality is very diffcult. Many people have complained that the VPN servers could not help them, and the effects of ping is the same even if they do not use VPN servers.
League Of Legends
League Of Legends

At this time, change into a better server is the only choice that is left. However, some gamers have complained that even if they had changed into several VPN servers, they could not still achieve the low ping that they had expected.

Here i would tell you how to select a quality VPN. First, it should have large number of servers for you to choose. That means, if one of the servers is not as good as you had thought, then you have plenty of spare servers to resort to.

Secondly, it should have the free trial that is long enough for you to decide whether it would do with you  LOL.

Thirdly, if VPN servers of large quantities can not save gamers from the mire of high ping, the last resort came, the function that aims at reducing the ping. It is designed to reduce the lag especially in the case of game.
The VPN that is up to all the marks i have proposed is FlyVPN.

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