Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fix problems: FIFA OL 3(Chinese version)

Last time i had introduced the FIFA OL 3 to anyone who would read my blog, but what i had forgotten is that there would still be some problems for those who played FIFA OL 3 abroad even they have China's VPN servers. Although China's VPN server could enable you to access FIFA OL 3 's Chinese version, you would be impeded if you have not sloved the problems below. The first is about language. Then Unicode must be changed to Chinese or there would be errors that would disturb your experiences of FIFA OL 3---Chinese version.


The second thing to be aware is that Tecent had run FIFA OL 3----Chinese version, so if anyone to play FIFA OL 3---Chinese version , he would need an account on QQ, the instant chatting software. And when choosing the server for FIFA OL 3, please choose the server according to our VPN server. For example, the telecom in East China region server of FIFA OL 3, to achieve the best effects and the lowest ping, please choose the VPN servers in Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu.  


We have lots of VPN servers in China. If you find the ping falling out of your expectation, just change the servr into another. And we have the user-friendly instructions of our VPN to help you whenever you have problems in connecting them.

In that way, you could enjoy your FIFA OL 3 time throughly. 

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