Friday, June 20, 2014

Watch Dramafever with free USA / Canada VPN

Dramafever is a video websites that provides TV series from Asian countries. Up to now, this website is only available to people only USA and Canada. But what to do for people living out USA or Canada? What to do for those who want to watch these series but can not read Chinese or Korea or Japanese?
My Love from the Star
My Love from the Star

If they could read English or Spanish, they would be saved. For Dramafever provides English or Spanish subtitles. 

All we need now is a VPN in USA or Canada. With VPN servers in USA or Canada, wherever you come, you would be able to watch Dramafever.
Beyond The Realm Of Conscience
Beyond The Realm Of Conscience

Most free VPN servers are not that stable or reliable. But the VPN that requires payment would sometimes be too dear to endure. I can tell you how to gain a free VPN which always requires money but now is available for free.

Visit Flyvpn Facebook page to guess the outcomes of World Cup matches. Nothing needs to be mortgaged. Just guess and guess and guess, and cost nothing, if you win, you can acquire cheap VPN.

If you are satisfied with that, you could just buy VPN in USA or Canada in the future.

PS: Annual payment is much cheaper than the monthly payment.

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