Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Two methods to reduce ping

Gamers are all concerned by one common question when they are playing some games connecting to servers in foreign countries: high ping and latency.

However many VPN providers tout their products' abilities to reduce the ping, sometimes when users connected to their VPN servers, they are disappointed to find that the ping is as high as if they had not used any VPN server. They continued to change into another server, another server, another server...but find the same results.

Then, except from changing constantly into another VPN server, would their be other ways to reduce the ping effectively?

I would say yes. And i would recommend you two methods to reduce the ping effectively.

1. Specific traffic via VPN feature: Customers can tie applications to FlyVPN. Programs have been added into application list can surf via VPN. Other programs can continue to use originally network.

2. Custom Routes: The feature is very suitable for people who want to customize some traffic via VPN, others via original internet connection. Users can add multiple routes into table. 
However, be aware that these two methods only exists in FlyVPN, you have to download this software to apply those two methods.

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