Friday, June 6, 2014

Unable to play for real money in Bwin

Although America is a country which boasts as free, we can not access the real freedom such as in Bwin.

We do not allow customers from USA to use Real Money,games deposit, or take advantage of bonus offers. Bwin says this to me, a fervent soccer fan. Undoubtedly, i was really disappointed. 

But that is normal. Because when i was in Hongkong, some functions are not available, too. The function that lacks most, according to my experience, is the real money gambling. 
Banned by laws and regulations, many countries' real money gambling can not proceed in Bwin. That is a serious problem. Because the real money function would help gamblers pay, and it is below the payment department, how can anyone successfully proceed their soccer gambling without paying?

I have visited many countries. The real money function is available in some countries. Such as Britain, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia. That is perfect. For even with just one of those countries's VPN, could those complete services Bwin provided be available to everyone no matter his own country prohibited soccer gambling or not.

I would recommend to you FlyVPN, for anyone who connect to Britain, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia VPN servers, he has the ability to pay online and of course those services Bwin had provided would be available.

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