Monday, June 9, 2014

Configuration of VPN without client

Some people do not like VPN client on their PC. I do not like VPN client on my PC too. Because i already have enough softwares dotted on the table and do not want to add a new icon to the list of software.

OK, is there a VPN server that would save its client on PC and still can run normally? I want to say yes, and a VPN service that enables you to use VPN without the client is FlyVPN.

Although a VPN could not occupy as much space as some video games, it seems superfluous sometimes. FlyVPN has PBK file to save the client of VPN.

Although not the most reputated VPN, FlyVPN can boast as the VPN with the simplest configuration. It has user-friendly tutorials for anyone confused at configuration. It can boast as versatile for it can be compatible with Windows, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, Android, PS 3/Xbox.

And the thing that worth noticing about FlyVPN is that if you do not need to use FlyVPN for a long period, you can use the free trial of this VPN service.

Free trial VPN accounts are for evaluation and emergency use. Users with same IP address can use these accounts 3 times per day.

Online time for free trial VPN accounts is limited to 20 minutes. When the time limit is reached, please wait for 5 minutes to reconnect. If you just want to download the music or line stickers or something, that would mean utterly free VPN services for you.

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