Thursday, June 12, 2014

Watch World Cup live on smart phone: CCTV 5 app

The Brazil World Cup is before our eyes. Can not wait any more to watch live final matches. But some people living out of their countries are confused how to watch Brazil World Cup live matches. Today i will teach you how a Chinese people living abroad watch CNTV Brazil World Cup without blocked by the region restrictions. And how to watch Brazil World Cup live matches on your smartphone and laptop.

First, be aware that only CNTV has the right to live broadcast the Brazil World Cup. The first questions i raised is simple, to configure a China mainland VPN on your computer. That certainly would unblock the CNTV region restrictions. The VPN should have plenty of China mainland VPN, or when certain server is broken, you could not resort to another server to watch Brazil World Cup.

The second question is to be solved. CCTV had claimed that it would cooperate with aliyun, and CCTV 5 app Android version would be allowed to broadcast Brazil World Cup live matches. That is indeed a good news to smart phone users. They do not need to watch live matches on PC or TV, which might cost their job or lead to a row in family members. More importantly, this live broadcast on CCTV 5 app would prove to be simultaneously running with TV broadcast live, which would not lag behind TV live as before. 

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