Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Free Britain VPN to listen on Absolute Radio

Absolute radio is a UK music website. All the performances on the website is available except one: the listen live part.

When I try to listen live to one musician, I found that the listen live part is not available for any IP out of UK.. (I am in America, but I come from Britain). So I used the UK VPN, which I prepared for g Korea game, and found that only IP addresses from UK are helpful.

So to listen the radio player on absoluteradio, you would have to have a Britain VPN to listen. If you do not have, please try this one, FlyVPN, for it is on VPN giveaway during World Cup, you bought it now would gain as much promotion as you can. And if you are a senior fan of football, you can guess the outcomes of matches on VPN Facebook page, if the outcome is right, free VPN for several days with no cost would be yours.

This is what you would get when you are not connected to Britain VPN.

Once connected to the Britain VPN, you would be able to listen to the radio live part.

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