Thursday, June 12, 2014

Choose a USA vpn to reduce LOL ping

LOL, although has been sold for many years in USA and European, has been popular all those days, and up to now, we can find LOL on the top 10 most popular games in most countries.

However, although the servers of respective countries have been set, many people still have to endure the high ping when they want to experience LOL with USA servers.
High ping is the biggest enemy of all gamers. I have met many gamers who complained about the high ping of USA servers when playing LOL. Because of the property of LOL, high ping would mean it would be too much jam on your computer so you could not play LOL or other large-scale PC games when the ping is too high.

The commonest way to reduce the ping is to have a VPN. But the effects are not for sure. Sometimes without a VPN, the network is good enough for you to play LOL, but at other times, even a VPN could not solve the problem of high ping. So the free trial of VPN becomes really crucial, for only through that you would know whether this certain VPN would work on your local network.

Actually, your ping has nothing to do with VPN. Your local network determined your ping. Besides, when you asked the support service for free trial account, ask her if the ping gets higher after you bought, is there any way to reduce the ping? If you thought his answers are not good enough to prompt you to buy, my suggestion is to give this VPN, after all, there are lots of VPN on Internet.

Now, i will introduce how i had reduced the high ping from 375ms to 54ms when playing LOL.  Take a VPN, FlyVPN as example.  

1. Download the FlyVPN. Generally, VPN proxy needs to be downloaded to use on PC. Also, some VPN, like this FlyVPN, can be on PC without a client.

2. Visit free trial page of your VPN. Generally, if you can not find the free trial page, you could ask the support service for free trial account. And generally, he or she would tell you the effects of trial account is the same as paid account. So do not expect if the effects would be better if you buy that VPN even though the free trial results are bad.

3. Payment methods are different for different VPN.  Buy for a year is usually much cheaper for payment for a month. Be aware about the refund rules, you will need it if you are not satisfied with the effects. For example, if you bought FlyVPN, the refund is available within 30 days.

4. Be aware if the VPN is versatile, for in the future, you may need your account to be used on different devices. A qualified VPN should be at least compatible with Windows,  iOS,  Android. FlyVPN is basically up to that mark.
compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, PS, XBOX
compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, PS, XBOX


  1. Thanks for giving information.It's very useful tips for beginners.When i had a ping problem while playing online game,i followed your tips.After that i checked my ping rate whether it's low or high using I got good results.